AGWPJA Q3 Contest Results

WEEEEE!! Raymond sneaked time to give me a call and shared with me a piece of good news! I was bursting with joy when I heard it!


“The following photographers are the top [AG]WPJA artistic wedding photojournalists following the [AG]WPJA Q3 2008 contest:”

Raymond Phang was one of them!! We got into the Top Thirty Photographers from the Q3’08 Contest!!! And our images got in for top 10 placing for two of the categories – Ceremony, and Emotion!



Gotta thank Guan and Jes for this! It was taken during their wedding last year! Hahaha! I sooooooooo wanted to SMS them when I saw the image, but then I thought better not, since they are all away in Taiwan with their family for a holiday. Share with them when they’re back then! 😀


Thanks Wei Seng and Jaclyn! This one was shot during their wedding last year too! A lot of our couples love the bubbles effect and find it very enchanting. I even remember Ivan commenting about this picture that it’s very impactful & touching until it could make him cry. Ah, this is also the very image we used for our advertorial on the December issue of the HerWorld Brides Magazine.  😀


That’s finally a one good news after a string of unhappy events and unlucky encounters. We accumulated at least 6 parking summons with 3 demerit points. Then someone with an itchy hand used a sharp tool to poke and dig Raymond’s car tyre. Still drivable at tortoise speed but anything faster, the whole car will fly and cause accident. We honestly don’t have time to send it in for repair. It’s extremely risky we know, but… we’ll try and squeeze time.


That aside, last night Raymond had an accident when he was parking the car because the caterer actually painted the poles and pillars with black paint! How to see when it’s so dark at night right?


Nevermind, we hope things will only get better for every one of us. Cheers! 🙂



Lots of ♥,


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