Thankew Andrew & Clarice! :)

Yesterday was Andrew & Clarice’s AD shoot. I took a sneak peek at their wedding pictures, and I have a pretty good feeling about it. So much smiles and laughters and corny funny expressions! Raymond must have had a great time capturing yesterday’s session. 😀 Can’t wait to peep at the evening session’s! Cos Clarice’s Dad gave speech, sing song, and there’s dances too!! Wait wait, let me finished the current 3 batches of photos first. Guan Lim & Jeslin, Anamika & Pradeepto, Su Lynn & Wei Hann. I’ve looked through some of Anamika’s already, gonna look through Su Lynn’s after that. Jiayou!


Anyway, Raymond called me at 1.40+am in the morning after his shoot and told me about this red packet.

Quickly snapped this with my little camera. Quality cannot fight with the monster camera. Anyway, So sweet of you guys to leave a love note for him!! But wait… Why don’t have my name on it huhhh? *Fumes with anger* HAHAHA!! Kidding kidding!! 😀


Raymond said when Andrew first gave him the ang pow, he rejected. But Andrew kept insisting, so Raymond had to accept it. We totally didn’t expect this at all! But the thought of leaving us a love note like this really touched our hearts. So what we did was to throw away the dollar bills inside, and kept the red packet in a safe place. Cool and dry, away from the sunlight. Muwahahaha! Seriously, we’ll keep it with us always. 🙂


Just to share another red packet. It’s from Su Lynn & Wei Hann. We thought it looked rather stylish, just like the simple wedding affair they had at St Regis. 🙂


Ta-Dah! The 1/2 naked photographer Mr Raymond Phang holding the 2 red packets. I distorted the perspective a little, so it’s a little curved if you’ve noticed. Hehe.


Oh by the way, thanks Desmond & Jolene for the comments left on our thread at the SingaporeBrides forum. You guys are too kind already! Look forward to your AD shoot next year, and let’s catch up again sometime ya?

Cheers! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


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