Snippets from Guan Lim & Jeslin’s Actual Day

The other day, Raymond and I had a lot of fun catching up with Guan Lim & Jeslin! That was a few days before their Actual Day wedding. Hehe. Guan Lim was “looking sharp” (as how Raymond put it)! Again, we learnt more about coffee this time, and maybe one day I should really try Guan Lim’s method of appreciating coffee. Don’t waste the flavor ya? 🙂


If my memory serves me well, these are the steps to follow. First we observe the color of the coffee under the daylight. It should be in a nice shade of black, and hopefully we are able to see through to the bottom of the teaspoon. Next, we take a sniff at the coffee, and it’ll be wonderful if we can smell the full aroma of the coffee.. you know, how coffee is supposed to smell like?


Once we form a perception of the coffee in mind, then we take a little sip of the coffee. I don’t really know a lot about coffee since I rarely drink them (the traditional brewed coffee, not the iced latte type). But some coffee when brewed, smells super nice! But when I drink it, somehow I’ll get disappointed. I’d wish if only the flavor was richer. Maybe because I didn’t drink it the proper way.


After taking a sip, we let it run around the palate a little while. The tip of the tongue taste the sweetness, the back taste the bitterness, and the sides indicate the sourness. The coffee shouldn’t be too thin or too thick, because either way, it wouldn’t taste good. So we’re supposed to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee, be it sour sweet or bitter? Right? Hmm… Alright, I’ll bear them in mind and try it out the next time. Really nice of Guan Lim to share the tips with us! 🙂


Then we were talking about Diamond rings. MUWAHAHAHA!! Girl’s favourite topic. This tip i’ll surely bear in mind. Soo Kee’s Briliant Rose, D Color right!? Ask for Michelle can get discount right? 0.5 carat might not be enough even though the Brilliant Rose D Color will look like a 0.75 leh. Hahahaha!! Guan Lim jokingly said I should get a 0.1 carat, and then slowly upgrade every year. =_=” Nooooo, I should listen to Jeslin instead! 😉


Anyway, we didn’t manage to pay Soo Kee a visit after the meet up with Guan Lim and Jeslin. Fortunate enough because when we got to our car, the Tudung Auntie was right there!! She was about to key in our vehicle details and give us a summon ticket, but luckily Raymond started the engine from far, and that gave us time to sprint over to the car. Actually we only placed 1 coupon for 10am, and we left only at around 11.35am. Hahaha. Phew!! Alright, no more next time!


Some pictures from their AD Wedding on the 4th of October. Just the morning event collection. Jeslin wore a black evening gown for the night event, and the dress is really really very nice! Jeslin carried it well! Will share once Raymond is done with the pictures. He’s currently in the midst of Su Lynn and Wei Hann’s AD shoot now at St Regis. I cannot visualise how their March-In will look like, cos they chose a very significant song for their march-in, and the volume is supposed to be “Impactful”. And they were quite specific about the timing as well, with instructions like “to shine the light on the door at 0.20s”. Can’t wait to see the pictures!


The morning event started at Marina Mandarin hotel.


Clocky clock at 7.42am.


Tying up the wrist corsages.


Jeslin having her make up.


The tools.




Jeslin’s nails were fabulously manicured that day!! Shall dig a picture later to share.


Tools for Tekan! Cannot miss!




Tobasco and Wasabi?



Jeslin chose a gown with a long train, instead of having a big cancan. Very nice! I like the long flowy effect. I thought it’ll look good if brides wear that for a church wedding. 🙂





That’s super cool Guan Lim!! He’s really tall at 1.88m (huat ah! So many 8! Hahaha!), and because of the height, they have to custom made their bed.


That’s Why Keen from Ichirofilms doing the Videography for Guan Lim & Jeslin’s wedding. I haven’t met him in person, but from what Raymond told me, he’s a really nice and friendly guy with no airs at all. Glad he managed to make some friends with fellow comrades in the same line. 🙂



Ding dong!!




That’s Jeslin’s nails! Pink crystals with tiny beads of pearls forming a lovely heart shape! Will dig the collection for more pictures tomorrow!


Ha-Ha-Ha! Finally got a taste of the sisters’ power! No $ No Talk!



Oei, not so fast yet! Don’t play cheat!



“Ohh com’on!”


More ang pow money! Hehehe!


The very gung ho gang of brothers, appreciating the bitter gourd.


I thought this looked funny. Guan Lim’s expression really rocked! Hahaha!



Pretty Jeslin!



Wow, the brothers must be hungry! I wonder what’s in the bread…


Waxy waxy~




Wah, solid guy! Must be well trained and prepared for this already.


I like this picture!


This is the funny funny part! The sisters were asking Guan Lim, which part of Jeslin’s body is his favourite. The brothers thought this must be some tricky tricky question, and so in order to be  on the “safe” side and to be spared from further gruesome torture, Guan Lim & the brothers decided to give “toes” as the answer! Muwahahaha. The sisters really wanted to help them, so they asked to confirm whether they were sure that’s their final answer.. They said yes, and so the sisters flashed out a can of whipped cream and had one of their brother’s toes covered with that. Guan Lim then had to lick up the cream… Oh my goodness! I laughed until tears came out from my eyes when I heard that from Raymond! Muwahahahahaha!! The answer was not that safe afterall!



AWWWWW!!! *tears hair apart* Love the expression on the brother’s face! Hahahaha! Ticklish or not? =p


Then Guan Lim had to put on make up for the brothers.


Kissy kissy.




No, not pointing the middle finger.


Guan Lim had to paint nails for this brother. Hehehe.


Guan Lim looked like a professional make up artist here. Look how delicately he’s handling this brother’s make up.



Now all seated on the couch like real ladies. So demure. Hahaha!



Love her expression!




MUWAHAHAHA! The wolf is coming to eat the little sheep! Arrrggghhh!! Hahaha! Guan Lim, you really rocked lah!

Maybe that’s their intimate way of doing the French Kiss – Wolf and Sheep style. Hahahaha~





Brothers did a great job, so got fat ang pows. 😉




I love Guan Lim’s shoes! Gotta dig a picture and share next time.


The Antique Car!



My personal favourite!! =D They rented their car from If you guys didn’t already know, Raymond shot some of the pictures for them. 🙂









That’s all for now! I gotta look through Anamika and Pradeepto’s pictures already! Will share about this very funny incident the other day at New York New York when we had dinner with Pei Yu and Wee. Muwahahaha. Real classic! I should have brought my little camera and snapped it man! Alright, enjoy the weekend everybody! It’s my mum’s birthday today! Weeee! 🙂


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

by Raymond Phang Photography

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Raymond & Angeline - Friday, October 10, 2008 - 11:29 pm

Hi Shrekie, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Shrekie - Friday, October 10, 2008 - 7:16 pm

Shrekie was here. Great pictures.

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