Raffles Hotel

Few days ago Raymond and I made a trip down to Raffles Hotel for a casual shoot of the area. It’s for the preservation of monument board thingy. Shui Lyn from Raffles Hotel was really very kind and patient with us throughout the shoot. Felt so bad to eat up so much of her time. Hope she had time for lunch after leaving us with the instructions to the way out.

It was my first visit to Raffles Hotel, and it was my first time trying out the Singapore Sling too!! Learnt so much things about the history of the hotel thanks to Shui Lyn’s detailed explanation. Very interesting trip, and truly an eye opener for me. 🙂

While waiting for Shui Lyn outside the Louis Vuitton boutique outside Raffles Hotel. I took a picture of my pretty shoes! I love the music prints! So cute right?? Music rocks my socks! Wait till I lay my hands on a pair of socks with music prints too. Hahaha.


Finally went inside the Long Bar. Raymond spent some time recce-ing the place.


While he was busy with his work, I was observing how come the crews swept peanuts onto the floor when the table was filled with peanuts overflowed from the wooden box.


Then from time to time, I could hear sounds of peanuts crushing coming from the floor area… Felt so awkward and weird…  I tried to avoid stepping on the peanuts, because I thought it was food wastage. But I was secretly in love with the sound though. Hahaha. Shui Lyn then told us it is perfectly fine! Because one of the prominent traits of the Long Bar is that people can just eat peanuts and then throw the shells on the ground. COOL!! From then on, I couldn’t stop enjoying the feeling of stepping on peanut shells. 😛

And they had this very old fashioned fan hanging from the ceilings. Still working!


The comfy chair and bar stools.


Big sack of peanuts! Shui Lyn told us the peanuts is a must try!! Each and everyone of them has a unique fragrant, and they’re imported from Malaysia if I didn’t remember wrongly. Too bad Raymond and I missed the opportunity to grab a bite! Urgh!! I’m sure it’ll taste really good… cos the smell alone is enough to make me want to eat them.


Peanuts on the table… They don’t care, they won’t place it all properly in the wooden box, because it is supposed to be like this.


Then we moved on to the Bar and Billard Room. Raymond used the T/S lens, so the effect is a little special.

Old woody fan.


And some of the furnitures are originals since Raffles’ period!


The Originals have this special tag on them.


That’s the billard room.


Cues… right? I can never play ball games… especially ping pong…


Very antique looking erm… sofa? chair?

The stairs.


Raymond shooting the Grandfather’s clock. We had to make it a swift one, since we weren’t actually allowed to take pictures there, especially with the kind of cameras we use..


My favourite “loot” of the day!! Punch Punch Punch! Hahahaha! Sometimes when I see things I really like, and yet cannot own, I’ll snap a picture of them and run away. So I call them my “loot”. I snapped a few of the pictures above (obviously the ugly ones), and couldn’t get this one right. So I had to ask Raymond to take a quick snap for me. Yay! Punch punch punch! I find the name a little funny… Maybe smoke already will kena punched in the face. LOL!


Alright, that’s all for sharing. The rest of the images can be found here. Tomorrow I’m gonna share some of the Actual Day photos taken during Guan Lim & Jeslin’s wedding! Super love the antique car! Hahaha. It’s Su Lynn and Wei Hann’s wedding later on, followed by Andrew and Clarice’s wedding on Saturday… Raymond jia you! Nights! 🙂


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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