Pradeepto & Anamika

Some snippets from Anamika and Pradeepto’s wedding in early October. Very lovely couple, and really generous with their free hugs. Pradeepto on the other hand appears to be a little soft spoken, but when he flashes his megawatt smile, he does it real good! A charmer indeed. Perhaps that was one of the tricks he pulled out of his magic hat to capture Anamika’s heart! Hahaha. Enjoy! 😛


Details, details, details.






Pretty flower decors.


Anamika’s sister checking out herself in the mirror while doing her make up.





They engaged Jack & Rai to perform for the guests. Class 95fm’s listener should be pretty familiar with the guys ya? Can always hear them singing on air. Do check out their blog here!




and more hugs!



That’s Anamika!





I love her heels. It looks very sweet from here.  🙂


Love this picture. Very lovely wedding gown. 🙂


Jack & Rai! Look at Jack’s expression… Oooohhh…





That’s Rai!! 😀



I think the Guitar looked pretty cool. So sexy. *Slurps*




Here comes the couple!







Hmm… I wonder what is she smiling about. So sheepishly… Hehehe.





The I do I do.








Heard from Raymond that their Strawberry shortcake was fantastic!! He kept repeating that to me many many many times, so I think it must be really delicious!






Beautiful colors. I love colors!





That’s a real charming smile isn’t it? 😉



Food galore!!


Yum yum! I wonder what this is. Will it crumble and fall? :/






Come to think of it, Pradeepto really look like his dad! I for one, doesnt even look like my mum.  😀



I like her eyes.




Oh? Could it be a case of the Itching Nose for Jack? Hahaha.


So romantic!


Anamika’s sister performed for the guests as well. I didn’t know she can sing and play guitar at the same time. 🙂


I wish I can play the guitar too! Wait till I master the piano, learn the Er Hu, and all the musical instruments in the world! 😀


I really like this picture. Love her legs, and with the long bar stool, they’re so pretty. 🙂


Splendid performance!


A series of Anamika’s expression.




Classic. 🙂







Particularly like this picture too. Looks good when it’s blown up. 🙂


Happy feet.



That’s all for the short snippets! Hope Anamika and Pradeepto will have a blast of fun over at India when they go through the traditional Indian Wedding. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun fun fun, loud loud loud, and colors colors colors! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the ceremony in India when they send us for the Montage for their banquet in Singapore next year. Till then… 😀



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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