Melbourne trip… further updates!

Wow, it is soooo windy outside right now! I’m feeling a little cold, and that reminds me of the coats I wore in Australia. I FORGOT TO COLLECT THEM FROM THE DRY CLEANERS!! *Faints*!! I hope they haven’t burn my clothes away. Must remind myself to collect them tomorrow. =_=”


Continuing from where we left at the Nobbies Centre, Raymond and his sister Serene studied the map carefully, planning the next route and destination.

Why so serious?


The sun was really strong during that particular period, but it was really windy at the same time.


On our way, we saw some moomoo cows. So we stopped by for me to take a picture of them! But they were standing here and there across the field, and I had a hard time calling them to gather for pictures.


I promised they’ll look pretty on my camera, but so sorry, I chopped off the legs here. Hmm… But I kinda like it anyway. Hahahaha!


So after much shoutings, some of them finally decided to move. Some were already standing in line, and those were the obedient ones.


But the most obedient were the trees!! Look how neat they were standing! I like it very much!


Okay, now we’re starting to see some groupings here. Maybe they thought I wanted to play a game with them, or wanted to take group photos.


Good moomoos! But that extreme left one is a little bit blur. I kept asking it to stand closer to the others, but it just couldnt understand what I was trying to say.


It’s alright, I let it be, and when I said my “One… Two… Three!” it turned away and looked over to the other side!


I got a little annoyed, and screamed that if the moomoo refused to look into my camera again, I’ll make sure Raymond finish eating all the grasses on the hills. Only then it decided to be good and listen to me.


Don’t know why they tend to glue each other in pairs, but group in 3s scatteredly.


Philip Island Chocolate Factory!!


Weird plants. Looks like the brush we use to wash and scrub the insides of a milk bottle.



Inside the male toilet.


Raymond said when you aim for the circle, the words will appear. So amazing!


Group photo~


Eeyer, next time we must follow and do what they do. Casual and formal means the same to them.


Fish and Chips!


Supposed to feed pelicans, but the Pelicans knocked off at 12pm. So sad!


Some door i spotted while I ventured away alone, and the rest were busy doing their stuffs.


Look what I found! A piece of very big dung. I even went close enough to get this shot. Hahaha!


Okay, it seems that she ain’t any bit impressed at all.


Close up.


So moody…


Birdie no moody…


Practising how to ride a horse??


I’m more subtle. Hahaha.


So sunny.


My mum’s shoes.


I think this is interesting. I forgot to touch them to feel whether these are wood chips or something else.


I’ve got an extra leg!


Interesting plant! We can see a lot of them growing all over the grass patch.


Look at their roots! So amazing that they’re not like normal plants, growing from the roots up. This plant grows sideway, in a circle!


Pretty dainty right?


And while I was asking Raymond to take a picture of this for me, something reeeaaally bad happened. I didn’t dare to snap this myself cos of the evil birdies hovering all over across the sky.


I got Raymond to take a quick snap for me, and guess what. He had a piece of scallop, which happened to be the last one, the biggest, juiciest and a super fresh one! So while he was snapping, the evil birdies sneaked an attack on us and snatched his scallop away from his hands!! THEY WERE SWIFT LIKE LIGHTNING!! My goodness!


And i think they swallow their food. The scallop was gone in matter of a few short seconds. Raymond was sooooooooo upset about it!!


Oh well, it’s alright. We’ll have a chance to eat the next time. So he snapped more pictures of his dad.


So cute hor?


We continued our journey, and arrived at our destination. Greeted by a Reptile…


Then a gigantic shark! This is a real one, and they preserved it until now.


Some pictures of it when they caught the shark many years ago.


Now it’s all wrinkley already. You need SK-II my friend. HAHAHA!


Very nice and friendly parrot!


Koala bear! So cute so small! I was hoping to carry one since I missed the chance to carry one in Brisbane 10 years ago. But unfortunately the ranger told us that the state law doesnt allow us to. I think Brisbane is the only place where we can have a chance to carry the koalas. =\


It’s alright… I carried a WOMBAT instead!! SO CUTE!


This one is only few months old! I think 3 or 4 or 7. But it’s already soooo fat and squashy and heavy!!


I think the Wombat forgot to clean itself after poo-ing.


More reptile. This one is huge! And it’s shedding skin.


Ah, Kangaroo fell down!! HAHAHA!



Some were huge, some were small. I was really intimidated by the big one, so i decided not to feed any of them.


His dad did a lot of feedings.


More feedings..

Not forgetting to look to the side for a side profile shot.



The Kangaroo really was a good model.


More feedings… feed until very happy.


Then the big one came!!


Okay, no choice gotta feed, else kena boxed by the big one.


Oei, enough already hor!


No more!


The dungs. I think they look like coffee beans, and immediately I thought of Guan Lim & Jeslin when I first saw it. Hahahaha.


Ahhh… Life is wonderful.




So cute!!


Sneaky Koala.


Aww… Wallaby “playing the flute”.


Wah, wallaby angry, broke the “flute” into half.


More wallabies.


This one is the outcast one. 🙁


So skinny and fragile…


Even the color looks very different from the rest. Look at that pair of sad sunken eyes. So depressing one…


And don’t see this parrot is so cheerful and sweet.


The parrot loves it when people come and visit, accompany and give it a lot of pats.


Voluntarily sticks out the head. But guess what… it only has a leg. Really! It’s not the case of that evil cunning birdie. This one is really a one legged Parrot. My heart turned sour when I saw how it used it’s beak to grab hold of parts of the cage to move around so that it can get closer to us. 🙁


Then we moved off to Penguin Parade. The folks went back while we stayed for the parade. Cos they’ve all been to Melbourne before, and they’ve also watched the parade, so they didn’t want to join us. Oh well… the wind was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly strong, and I was wearing 5-6 layers of thick clothings but it didn’t help at all. While waiting for the penguins to come, the evil birdies dropped white bomb at Raymond. MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Luckily I didn’t get anything from them.


Oh the penguins were reeally extremely adorable! Sooo small and tiny, and I really wish I could bring one home! But I know they’ll suffer if they come to Singapore. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take picture, not even NO flash photography, not even videos. So.. no pictures to share. 🙁


Alright,  we’ll travel to the Amaze N Things the next morning, and more pictures soon!


Backlogs backlogs backlogs. 🙁


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

by Raymond Phang Photography

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