I’m feeling excited!

After reading Minister Mentor Lee’s thoughts regarding the world economy issue, I cannot help but to agree with this particular point where he said “When things are down, you have increased unemployment; use that time to build up skills and knowledge.” Hmm… But on the other hand, I think in order for people to build up skills and knowledge, they must have the money to attend courses and lessons. In times of unemployment with stacks and stacks of bills to pay off, who has that much money to spend on all these? I think most people will roll up their dollar notes into bundles and hide them safely in a Milo Tin Can, because who knows what will happen the very next minute. Maybe something bad happened and that person have to fork out like thousands of dollars?


Hmm… I learnt a little of the Multiplier Effect (Urgh! Ya! Economics!!) during the JC and Uni Days. That’s when I thought Mathematics was my worst enemy but Economics came into my life and proved everything wrong. Economics took the number one spot in my life and became the worst enemy I’ve ever had! I even “formed” Anti Maths Secret Society, Anti Economics Secret Society during my JC days. Those were the darkest days of my life. It’s weird that I never get to recruit any member into my gang. Maybe my Secret societies were too secretive already.


Anyway, the concept of Multiplier Effect is a good excuse for me to spend on courses! In a crappy way, it generally means that I spend $50 on a course, the money goes to the community centre, and the community centre will use it to pay wages for the instructors, taxes and bills etc. The Instructors will have a higher disposable income and so a higher consumption, causing aggregate demand to rise as well. The change in aggregate demand can cause a further change in aggregate output for the economy!


That’s the crappy way, in a very basic concept, excluding all assumptions and exceptions. Of course there are much more other factors to consider, such as the marginal propensity to consume and import etc. 😛


But I just wanted to say, I’m feeling really excited!! Cos Raymond and I have been really good citizens, doing our part to “contribute” to the economy by signing up courses!


We took a Kick Boxing Exercise course together, and besides that, I myself also took on Hatha Yoga, and Belly Dancing!! So uber cool! I thought to myself, since I have this fatty lump of blubber pouch hanging around my waist and tummy, why not send it for some courses and help it maximise it’s full potential?? Wahahahahaha!!


Interested in those courses as well? Do take a look at this website for cheap alternatives to the very expensive True Yoga and whatever places else. Not sure if the CC ones are good, but it’s worth a try! $45 for 12 lessons, it’s like $3.75 per lesson only! That’s it. I’ve worked my math and decided not to eat chicken rice for 1 day. Then i’ll have enough to pay the fees. 😀




Raymond doesn’t know that I’ve signed up for Belly Dancing… yet! Cos he’s in a middle of a shoot now and I don’t want to disrupt his attention. When i’ve mastered the basics, I’m gonna draw funny faces at my belly and then dance vigorously till the ink on my tummy smudge. Hahahahaha!! These courses are good, cos all of us need to exercise! I’m looking forward to learning Tai Ji Quan, Wai Dan Gong etc. Serious! Too bad the CC near our place doesnt have the course. I’ll look at skills and knowledge courses next time round. Planning to learn a lot of Languages. It’s good, and I feel so enriched now. Wah, my life is full of hope!


Alright, gonna go back to do the layout for Anamika and Pradeepto!! A bit stressed cos I have to bear in mind the likes and dislikes they have, while still retaining the style of our art. I hope I can finish it and send for printing before I fly off to Melbourne.


Prawn fishing later. *Excited*. 😀


Lots of ♥,


F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n