Happy Deepavali!

Hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend!! Deepavali marks the day we finished clearing 2 wedding shoots! Phew! At least we can now fly with a lighter heart. I’ve been checking on the weather forecast and it doesn’t look too good. Hmm…


Anyway, Happy Deepavali to all indian friends!! Or according to my crappy term, Happy Deepaveryvali! 🙂 I have a very good indian friend, and her name is Jaya. I have another indian friend whom I like alot, and his name is Dinesh. A little sad that he wasn’t around today at Jaya’s place for a gathering. Met them during my JC days. 🙂


So the gathering was at Jaya’s place in Woodlands, and Raymond tagged along because wherever there’s food, there’s Raymond. Jaya’s mum cooked the meanest Nasi Bryani! Raymond had nothing but full of good comments and praises for the food. I was so worried that the rice in his mouth were gona fly out and land on the curry in front of us when he kept saying “this is excellent stuff man!” with truckloads of food in his mouth.


Me on the other hand didn’t manage to eat a lot, because I cannot take spicy food. And there was no Papadum. You know how delicious Papdum is right? Just a simple cracker but somehow I just cannot resist it. I’d take a piece and use it to scoop the bryani rice, pour a little bit (area of a sesame seed) of curry on the rice, a little bit of meat, and then munch munch munch. It’s nice!! Maybe next time you can try it. 😀


I don’t have a lot of friends, because… I don’t know… maybe because I’m never on the right frequency with people I meet. And I don’t even have a friend whom I think I can give hugs to on my wedding day. Hmm… That’s sad. But oh well… here’s a little peep of my JC classmates. If you happen to know any of them, feel free to drop them a buzz and tell them they’ve grown horizontally empowered. MUWAHAHAHAHA! 😛


Yah, I was wearing the Indian costume, hiding at the back, standing beside the Kungfu Panda. Hahaha! Alright, gotta go catch some sleep already! I need to wake up early and start packing! 2 more days to fly~ 🙂


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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