Congratulations Ei-leen and John!

What a wonderful morning we had yesterday. Woke up early in the morning for a meeting with a certain unnamed organisation. It was hard to get our points across, since each of us have our own views to hold. It is like in the corporate world, nobody can put full trust in anybody, and every single word you use or say will bear consequences. Which is why personally I hate the corporate world. I hate businessman. Cos most of them are shrewd and evil and cunning. They are like the wrinkley evil witch in snow white,and the deserved-to-be-slapped evil stepmother in Cinderella. But oh well, luckily there are some really nice ones around, and we’re glad we’ve met them!
7 September was spent with Ei-leen and John, shooting for their actual day wedding. Theirs is a split day event, so after the meeting in the morning yesterday with the unnamed organisation, we went back home to have a quick recharge first before heading out to Novotel for Ei-leen and John’s banquet. Normally I don’t tag along for Actual Day shoots, but this time it’s different. They have a special request for us to take some family portrait for them since all the relatives are present for their wedding. So I followed as an assistant, carrying the ten thousand kilograms Hensel lights, with the hundred thousand kilograms laptop, the family portrait only lens at ten kilograms, plus the maybe… five hundred grams umbrella. I love the umbrella! Cos it’s the lightest among all the objects. Hahaha!
Although I wasn’t present for the first half of their actual day session on the 7th, but I can tell from the pictures that John and his brothers had a really hard time trying to “crash” the gate. And unexpectedly, just when the brothers and I thought the sisters’ heart had softened down like a sponge when they finally gave John the key, turns out that the key was not the right key!! What a splendid trick! Then the sisters showed a real smug face when John fell for the trick. Hahaha!!
I haven’t finished looking through the pictures yet, then we had to leave to meet up with a couple (Koh & Ting Yin) who enquired for Pre-Wedding and Actual Day photography. Initially, Ting Yin’s unique way of english pronounciation caught my interest and it makes me wonder if she’s a local. Her slang somewhat sounds like a Japanese, since Koh really had the Jappy look with his sharp features and goatie! They are both very amiable people, friendly and totally at ease with each other since they are not afraid to have small chats/discussion among themselves every now and then during our meet up. And we’re not afraid to sneak bites every now and then during the meet up too. :p
I love meet ups! Because for every meet up, we get to meet new people, and we get to learn a lot of things from them as well. If not for Calvin and Misako’s wedding photos, we wouldn’t have known from Koh that the Geisha takes close to 2 hours just for their hair and makeup! WOW!! I think it would be super interesting to view the process. Koh really has an interesting job, shooting documentaries and TV projects! He’s actually a Video guy. 🙂
For Ting Yin, she’s into finance, and it totally reminded me of my friend Lay Ling. I gave my friend a nickname and i call her Layegg. Layegg is very into finance as well, and I almost wanted to strike a conversation with Ting Yin regarding some Finance stuffs so that maybe I can advice Layegg as well since she’s making it her career. But I was afraid that we would be holding up too much of their time, so I gave it a miss. Hehe. Anyway, I was also afraid that my brain would burst because statistics and numbers hates me too much to be my friend.
I love meet ups! Did I mention it already?? But sometimes couples are afraid to do a meet up cos they scared Photographers are the hard sell type. No no…. We’re not! Besides, meet up means Raymond can have his many many glasses of Oreo Milkshake, and I can have my Potato Wedges!! Told you we’re gluttons. =D
We just got back from Ei-leen and John’s wedding banquet shoot. Ei-leen looked extremely bright and radiant I must say! John looked rather refreshed and happy! And all their relatives were super friendly and nice. I got to make new friends such as little Bryce who has a unique name, Ethan who is kinda shy, Raymond (not my Raymond Phang) who is into Photography as well, Mike who gave me a real firm handshake, pretty Joyce and lots of other people! Since it’s a last minute decision that i “gate crashed” into their wedding, Ei-leen and John was kind enough to offer me a seat at their banquet! So thoughtful, but I feel paiseh lah. Haha. So end up Raymond and I gorged ourselves with food from MacDonald’s instead. We had McSpicy, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, 2 Medium fries, 2 Medium drinks, 6 piece nuggets, and 2 apple pies. Hehe.
Anyway, despite seeing through countless of wedding pictures, I’d still feel like tearing whenever I see the wedding pictures, or even witnessing the actual wedding process. Yesterday, the feeling was especially strong when I witness how it looks like from the outside. Ei-leen and John were standing outside the door waiting for cue to enter for March-in. They seemed to feel gan jiong. But when the music starts playing, the hotel crew gave a cue, and then the door opened. From outside, I could see how the spot light shone on their faces. I could see how happy Ei-leen and John were smiling. I heard claps and applause from the insides, and then they started marching in. It was a touching moment for me even though throughout the ceremony, I was sitting outside, slightly further from the reception area, but still I had a good view from where I was sitting.
Just sidetracking, even though i was wearing a short sleeved top with a black long pants, I was already feeling damn cold. So I presume all banquet venues are like that? If so, then how do the brides tahan the coldness, with all the tube corsets gowns or the bareback low back no back gowns? Hmm… I think for mine, I’ll be wearing a winter coat lor. Haha! I’m glad the ceremonies are finally over, and I think they’ll agree with me too. Must have been really really exhausted to go through a busy day feeling all stressed up irregardless of whether you’re already well prepared or not. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime thingy, so there’s bound to be stress.. Hahaha. But nonetheless, let’s all wish Ei-leen and John a happy and blessed marriage ya? =)
Gotta hit the sacks already for the very early FJ Benjamin shoot later on.  Need to be up by 6am!! Afterwhich while the Photographer continues to chiong another event shoot till late nights, I shall spend my time chionging by hanging out with Ah Neo and Hasae. It’s Hasae’s belated birthday outing! Pardon the grammers! Tatas! =D
Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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