BMW… I scared!

Spotted this interesting sight few days back when Raymond and I were having our cosy foursome world with his sister Serene & her hubby over dinner at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant. I guess BMWs with their “shark fin” really does instill fear in some cars. Heh heh heh heh. I’m not a fan of BMW though… More interested in the whipped cream series called Lexus, the powerful series like Volkswagen’s Touareg R50 (can pull airplane!!), or the monstrous Q7 from Audi. I like small little cars too!! The Lapin is super cute! The interior is so old school and squarish. I like! 😀 When I get my driving license next next next next next time, I might consider getting Lapin. Muwahahaha! 😛


The food at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant was awesome! We went to the branch at One Fullerton. Haven’t tried the one at Millenia Walk though. All thanks to our very wise and intelligent friend ZiQian who brought us there for our first visit. 😀 With ZiQian around, it’s really countless and countless of food indulgence session for us. And if you’re looking for special seafood, the open air hawker area at Changi Village is a good place! The fried “guo tiao” was superb, the vegetables were sooo crunchy, the coconut juice was really sweet, and you get to taste weird fishes called “Leather Jacket”! Hungry already! 🙂


Anyway, Raymond and I snapped some silly pictures of ourselves at One Fullerton using my little camera. We had lots of fun with his sister and her hubby! A rare gathering while his parents were having fun in Genting. Shall share the ugly pics once we have more free time on hand. Raymond is now at a food shoot, and he sms-ed me that it’s gonna take him more than a full day. Poor thing!


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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