Anyhow update

Phew!! Finally managed to dig some time for blogging! Have been busy with truckloads of photos to look through, and also the packing of luggage.

Raymond with his cup of Avocado Snow. We met up with Desmond & Jolene for late lunch last Sunday at Heeren’s Dai Ka Jie Kitchen. So good to see them again!


So before they arrived, Raymond and I looked through the menu. Very tempting dishes they have, and I wanted to try them all! But must be practical abit, so I ordered the Sour Plum roasted duck and Granny mui’s roasted duck.

We preferred the Sour Plum version, which explains why this picture of the original roasted duck is not as nice. Hmm… Actually partly is because I was too excited to eat already, which was why I didn’t bother to continue snapping other dishes that came along afterwards. Hahaha.


We went to the redemption counter to redeem free 1st hour parking, and also had a go at their spinning wheel game thingy. Raymond and I were aiming for the green color, which is an F&B Voucher. I think that’s only like $20 worth, whereas the SPA Voucher has like $120 worth! End up I won a Tamiya toy car!!


Desmond was like saying winning a packet of tissue is better than winning this. Hahaha. True ah true. Tissue can use, but this toy car… Oh well… Maybe put in the safe deposit box till we have kids next time and let the kid play. =_=”

Next time let’s gather again for makan! Crab time!! Hahaha.

Gross picture of the seafood item called “gong gong”. Raymond pulled out the meat insde for me to snap.

Some pictures we took the other time during dinner with his sister at One Fullerton.

A pity the Merlion moved lah, that’s why blurry!

Pee-ing time!

That’s the way to go man! Now we all know how Raymond looks like when he’s *eh-hem* peeing in the toilet. 😉

Guess what’s this!

It’s actually a squirmy little worm!

Paiseh, post so many gross pictures today. Back to photos!


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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