Adventure with Guan & Jes!

Raymond and I were pretty excited yesterday because we sneaked off to Malaysia with Guan Lim & Jeslin for makan! Muwahahaha! When Jeslin SMS-ed me that they’ll be arriving to pick us up in 15 minutes’ time, my heart was racing real fast, and it felt like I was going to meet my husband who has just returned from overseas after 5 years of seperation! Hahaha! Yea! It’s that kind of excitement!


We double checked our pockets before rushing out to meet them. Passport, wallet, IC, phone, dummy camera. That’s the beloved couple! Hehehe. I secretly snapped a picture of them while waiting for the lift.


Along the way, I saw a lot of giantic trucks like these. I snapped, while Raymond kept himself busy by filling in the “White Card”. He took quite some time to fill in, and before we knew it, we’ve reached the Customs!


Ta-dah!! Customs!


I think this is pretty cool! I find their body language somewhat amusing to me. It’s like they’re very stiff, and.. I don’t know how to explain. =\


And that’s us fooling around behind!


We dressed down, and I wore like some rowdy kid from don’t know which dustbin. =_=”


Fuwah! Guan Lim has been a really good driver! He managed to get us around Malaysia, and also got us back safely in one piece! =D
The driving instructor must have given him full marks for his driving test. Hahaha!


That’s Jeslin, the advocator of SK-II, and Soo Kee Brilliant Rose bling bling.


We went to some shopping malls to get stuffs for Jeslin, while Raymond and I got nothing. =_=”. Then Guan Lim led the way and brought us to this ulu place!




Quickly parked the car, and somewhere near the entrance, we can see Monkeys in the cage. Small monkey looking at me, Big monkey being snobbish.


I find the place pretty nice! And along the roads, I saw a couple of run down buildings which I thought was really nice. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap, because either I was too slow or too lazy to start up the dummy camera. Hehe.


Kelong! It’s my first time setting foot on a Kelong! You guys didn’t know right. Hahaha! So I was pretty excited, I snapped and I snapped!


Fresh seafood!


Pretty sky with interesting Light Bulbs.


I don’t know what is this, but it looked like some marine creature with a shell. =\


Lots of other shell creatures, which I don’t eat. Hehehe. Raymond eats them like crazy though.


Many many boats like this around.


I wonder whether is it safe for them to live at the Kelong. =\


The lady seemed to give me a feeling that she’s feeling unhappy and she longs to leave the place. =\


More boats.


The lady who took our Order. Oh, by the way they don’t serve 100 Plus, so if you want to drink 100 Plus, please bring your own next time.


Stilts? I was worried that some wood planks might break & we’ll all drop into the sea. But luckily we did not, and that only means we’re still pretty light weight. Hahaha! Must eat more!


I don’t know what’s the name fo this, but I find it interesting, yet disgusting at the same time. It grows itself onto anywhere actually…


Like this! Eeeeew!


I like the nettings.


And the shape, although it’s nothing special… =_=”


I like the fan, and the ceiling! I always like to take pictures of such ceiling. =D
But it’s a little scary at the Kelong, because the whole place was floating on sea and moving up and down, left and right, and then you can hear the creaking sound coming from the top. Quite scary, because I keep having the feeling that the entire ceiling will drop and hit us.


Sun setting soon.


Focusing intensely on the subject.


Urgh!! Should have composed the picture properly! Now there’s a black dot thingy on the right. =(


Raymond looks like he has some China doll hairstyle here cos of the Shadow casted on his head. Hahaha~






He sure looks like it!


General view through the window.



Pretty like this too, but as usual, there’s flaws.


Feasting time! We had 2 crabs – 1 salted egg & 1 steamed, 1 super big fish, 2 prawns – 1 drunkard prawns & 1 cereal prawns, kang kong, rice, tiger beer, coconut drink, & 2 coke! Total added up to around RM300+.


The king kong kang kong. Spicy!! I only had a tiny little stem to test the spiciness. I guess Guan Lim was more pro than me since he can tahan this evil Spicy king kong the Kang Kong dish. I supposed it must be a heaven for Raymond since he’s a fan of chilli, curry, and spicy stuffs.


Peanuts! Why we didn’t feed the monkey with peanuts?


Chinese parsley! Focus should be on the crab instead what! *Faints*! This is the salted egg crabbie. Nice nice nice!! Initially I was a little skeptical, cos I don’t eat salted eggs. But when I pinched a green bean size of the meat and placed it inside my mouth, it totally changed my perception of Salted egg crabbie! Tasted quite similar to the Creamy Crab Raymond and I had in Singapore. Cool ah! The other Steamed crabbie was equally good! Both the meat are fresh and tender, unlike the crabs I had the other time with a Client which made me felt as though I was eating the Crab’s World Champion Body Builder! The meat was soooo hard that I had to spend a lot of time digging and eating it.


Personally I’m not really a fish eating expert, so any fish with a lot of bones would tend to turn me off. Cos when I was young, I had a lot of bad experiences with eating fish. I got choked many, many times, and it’s really not a good feeling at all. Super unbearable, you cannot swallow it down, neither can you cough it out. It’s really stuck somewhere inside, and I remember I kept crying whenever that happened. I started to totally avoid eating fish. My mum would force me to eat fish by painstakingly tearing up the meat to make sure there’s no bones inside, but I’d secretly throw them away when she’s not looking. So evil right? Sometimes when she fry the tiny little kuning fish, the gravy would temp me to try the fish. I’d ask her to pick the bones for me before I eat. But whenever I discovered 1 single bone be it thin or thick, long or short, I’d freak out and scoop the meat aside. Now that I’ve grown up, I tried eating fish. With my bare hands, I’ll pinch and press and squeeze and knead and poke the meat to make sure there’s absolutely no bone at all, before I put it inside my mouth and chew it very slowly. At least I’m eating fish now!


Oops, digress again! Oh well… the fish we had was acceptable, with some bones. Juicy and tender, but I prefer the one we had at Changi Teochew Kitchen the other time. Wah, super miss the cai bo & the gravy of the fish! Yum yum!!


Cereal Prawn. The rest of the dishes didn’t snap because I was too hungry already! Must pacify my stomach first. Hehe. The cereal prawn was not too bad, except I’d wish that the cereals had more flavour. Otherwise everything else was good! And they’re really generous with the amount of cereals they throw in with the prawn, unlike some places in Singapore whereby the Cereals seemed like Gold Flakes – very expensive so can only give you a teaspoon serving of it. If you request for more cereals, they’ll give you another teaspoon serving. =_=”
The drunkard prawns was really good too! The size of the prawns are actually not very small you know. But like all dishes, it’s best if you can eat them while they’re piping hot, especially the soup. Maybe next time we can bring Guan Lim & Jeslin to a place where we can have nice Drunkard Prawns + Lobster Soup + Creamy Crab + Oyster and all the yummy seafood!! Muwahahaha!


Agar Agar, & fruits! I picked the colorful one. =p


Fruits to explode our stomach, and to feed the monkeys (if you cannot finish the fruits).


Our stomach exploded when we ate the fruits, so we decided to share some of the fruits with the Monkeys. Big monkey was really snobbish, he took the satay stick to bite, and threw away the fruits!! Small monkey was clever and good, he picked up the fruits on the ground and ate, while trying to be careful not to incur Big monkey’s wrath.


One of my favourite shot of the day! Hehehe. I snapped this while I was squatting down at the edge, observing the mouldy algae-ish things growing onto the sides.


No group photo, because everyone was too full to remember anything about group photo after the meal!! Oh no, Raymond and I are seriously hungry now. It’s currently 2.50am. He’s rushing to clear the backlogs, and I’m blogging here with tons of other miscellaneous stuffs to do. Glad he’s clearing the backlog pretty well, and I can’t wait to share more wedding pics soon!


Aussie trip… I wonder when can I finish the update. 1 more hour to MacDonald’s Breakfast timing. YAY!


*Grits teeth and endure the hunger pangs*

Byebye! 😀



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline


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