A very, very long entry.

Raymond and I have been very, very busy recently. He’s now in a shoot actually, and I’m stuck in front of the computer looking through gigazillion number of pictures! Yesterday I spent the entire day sitting infront of the computer looking through Alvin and Angela’s wedding pictures until my head almost split themselves into pieces. So I had no choice but to take a breather by doing something else that doesn’t require me to sit infront of the screen. On a side note, I took up Qigong lesson! Hahaha! I wanted to sign up for the Taiji Quan lesson, but very unfortunately the registration date closed before I could do anything. Oh well… I hope Qigong is fun! Maybe I can chop watermelons into half simply by using my pinky. HAHAHA!! But I believe it is definitely beneficial to health. 😀



Raymond took this with his webcam while I was waiting for my turn to have the CT Brain scan at SGH the other time. I was really upset that day and feeling really emotionally unstable. Come to think of it now, I’m getting a little upset again because the Insurance company rejected my claim for the bill, which is not cheap. End up I have to pay the bill myself. The head hurts, injection hurts, and then the heart hurts. =(


Oh well…. it was my first time having a brain scan. I didn’t expect the nurse to poke the IV plug into my hand. I thought it’s merely a scan, so why the need? The feeling ain’t nice at all, especially when the radiologist injected some very stinging chemical into my body during the 2nd scanning. It’s worse than a million ants biting. Then your whole body from the tip of your head to your toes will feel hot. I think even my hair and nails felt it too. HAHA! Also there’s like a weird smell coming from the machine or something. For a moment I thought I was BBQ-ed.


Enough of the sad experience, here’s some happy ones! Raymond took some pictures for our beloved Mascot – Baileys the wonder dog! Took this when he was doing the setup test shoot for profile shot of weixin.


Hey sexy, my name is Tonight. You can call me tonight. *Wink*

I feel so humiliated… they forced me to pose like that just now… *weep in silence*

Oh? No lah, I was merely acting… It’s true!

See how I love her?? Kissy kissy!

Actually I’m forced to kiss her just now…. I’m so humiliated… *enduring the humiliation*

Have to pretend that I love her and give her more kisses…

Sigh… I’m so sad…


*Wonder when will they let me go…*

*Okay! Last one!!*

 Hahaha! That’s our very naughty Chihuahua! You should have seen the mess he created whenever he’s angry. Very cute, but very naughty at the same time. We got him when he was 3 months old… now he has grown sooo big already! He’s 9 months old now! =D


Alright, more pictures from our Aussie trip! I wonder when can I finish sharing about the Aussie trip. Eeeks!


We went to Amaze’ N Things! It’s like a much bigger version of our Singapore Science Centre.


There’s a mini golf adventure range, and we tried our luck at it! We have around 20+ holes to complete I think. And Raymond lost most of the time to his brother in law. Wahahahaha! There’s even once when he hit the ball and it flew across the fence to the outside area near the roads!! Faints.


Very interesting clock! And it’s big! Best choice for people who like big and fat things, like me. Hahaha! I wanted to get this as a gift/souvenier, but then I thought better not. You know… the chinese belief… *shrugs*


We spent quite some time playing the puzzles and games.


And all the puzzles are available for sale at their gift shop. But I guess we can find them in Singapore too. =\




And more games! You’re supposed to use all these blocks to form the shape of a Pyramid.


Magic mirror.





Ah, this Gravity Room is the best choice for people who want to experience the feeling of nausea! I was inside for less than 10 minutes and the feeling hit me.


The slope is really steep! Have to be extra careful when you walk.



Optical illusion.


Very, very steep slope too! After this picture, I was stuck at where i was standing, because everyone went out to see the picture they took on the camera! =_=”. My shoes were too slippery so I couldn’t really move without support.


Husband and wife.


So fierce!! O_O”!


This is another killer. We have to walk across the bridge with hands over our head or something, and try to balance ourself by not falling or walking to the sides. Actually nothing is moving, except the images flashed on the walls of the tunnel. The images kept spinning around, and it makes you feel really dizzy, as though the whole bridge is swirling left and right.


Room of the thouuusand mirros. It’s a maze!! We have to make our way out, without any help. Hahaha! A lot of times I even knocked my head into the mirror because I thought it’s a path out!


Serving dish number 1 – Monkey Brain!


Serving dish number 2 – The world’s most delicious ice cream cake with chocolate frosting and pudding.


Nudist beach! Hahahahaha!! I think non of them even bothered to peep inside the hole, except for me! :p


But when I peeped inside, I felt cheated and disappointed. Hahaha!



Then we went outdoor to have a go at their maze.


Raymond the sneaky fella.


The evil Pirate.


Ta-dah! The maze!


Not very hard to find our way out…


Next we went for fishing! But by the time we reached there, they were already closing for the day. So sad!


I like this pinboard! I think it’s really nice and unique! Didn’t buy it back though, cos I thought it’s a little expensive.


Went back to the Motel. The husband and wife slept here, while Raymond and I took the smaller room inside.


We were watching TV, and having a board of directors meeting. Had to plan for the future.


Raymond has a big round butt! Spank spank!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! They were having fun I tell you!


Then they got high… Real high…


I couldn’t bring myself to snap pictures of their doings anymore, so i excused myself to snap the bathroom.


The toilet for peeing and pooing.


And our room! Not bad actually, because there’s a bed warmer for everyone! 😀


Small little closet, and a small little TV, which we didn’t utilise because we prefer watching TV together under one roof, so the one outside is our premier choice.


Eh Raymond! You’re supposed to be part of the discussion and planning team! Why are you watching TV??


As a punishment, I decided to follow him sneakily and snapped him while he’s doing some business. OOOPS!! Hahaha! I think if I were to become a wedding photographer, you’ll see 80% of shots of similar nature. So… lucky i’m not! Hahahaha!


That’s the name of the Motel we were staying at Phillip Island. Next entry, we’re going to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, and Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens! Byebye! 😀



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

by Raymond Phang Photography

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lighthousevideo - Saturday, December 13, 2008 - 7:11 pm

Looks like you guys have great fun in Australia. I wanna take a break!! Tired of editing now, just wanna slack! Hahah…. your blog is awe inspiring for people to slack.

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