A Fulfilling Day at Work!

I was wondering what kind of title would be suitable for my post today. I reflected on how I spent my day yesterday and I thought there’s no other better title than this – A fulfilling day at work! But when I look at the picture of what I am going to share here, then I thought fulfillment doesn’t look anything like that.




After a long day of shoot. Oei! The color of the prints on your shirt is matchy matchy with my filter leh!



Why fulfillment… Hmm… Slept less than 4 hours, woke up in the wee morning, whole day of shoot, hunger pangs and emergency siren for wanting to pee kept ringing non stop, sunny, raining, got blinded by the flash, felt sad after spotting a mouse/rat trap with a cutesy dolly eyed mouse/rat trapped inside, almost traumatised cos the strong wind blew and the light stand with umbrella almost fell, laptop almost dropped onto the ground in an attempt to save the lights, hit my butt against the monstrous truck, chop chop settled dinner, blablabla…


Wah… sounds SO fulfilling!


But honestly, I felt a geeeer-rate sense of satisfaction when we finally wrapped up and call it a day. Everyone has been really nice and friendly,and Andy the boss even treated all of us a tasty & special cup of lemon tea! Not all big bosses are like that okay. Might be just a cup of lemon tea to many, but we really appreciate the gesture cos I think we were too thirsty until we finished swallowing all our saliva already. Hehe. I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite all the above bad experiences, and I really wonder why. Maybe I’m a sadist. HAHA!


After the shoot, we gave ourselves a little reward. Had late dinner at Sushi Tei – Vivocity. The cashier there rocks! So friendly. Next time I must ask her for her name. 🙂 The restaurant was a little noisy, but I took a moment to enjoy my food. With my eyes closed, I was concentrating on chewing… on feeling the different textures and savouring the complexity of different flavours. I realised that the food tastes so much better, and it’s much healthier to eat that way. Cos when you concentrate on eating, you actually chew much more times before you finally swallow. Food = well digested! Maybe I was crazy yesterday, but I tell you, even the plain water was good! HAHAHA!


I’m not a drug addict!

Just felt like posting this up. Hahaha. So unglam, but who cares! 😛


OkieDo, might be posting up some pictures of Raymond when he’s busy at work yesterday. It’s actually a shoot for a company’s Annual Report. 🙂 Anyway, I did snap some pictures of his backside. I mean, from his back side. Post when I get the green light! Might take a while, since Raymond would be busy weesy these few days with the NBA shoots. Will get him to say a few words here soon! I think it’s gonna be quite hilarious. Hahaha.


Oh, and thanks Ivan + Shereen for the mooncake!! So thoughtful! Ivan has been a real gentleman for helping us with the cameras, laptop, trolleys and stuffs during the shoot yesterday.  🙂 I secretly took a bite of the mooncake last night when I was hungry after looking through the photos! Hehehe. I even sneaked 1 of it home for my mum to try.


Alrighty, I took 3 days off from “work”! Now I can practise my piano, do my theory, and mess with whatever I want! Yay!! Might take some time to reply email enquiries since I would be away from the computer, but will check and reply ASAP when I take a break from the practising. Do direct enquiries to contactme@raymondphang.com! Thankies! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n