A feast at Changi Teochew Kitchen!

Merry Christmas! From Guan Lim & Jeslin!! ūüėÄ

(all images from my dummy camera)


We met up for dinner when Raymond returned from China a couple of days ago. They brought us to Changi Teochew Kitchen for a good feast, and I was really satisfied with the meal! The fish we ordered was so huge and definitely very meaty! The meat was sooo soft and tender that it feels like¬†toufu, very juicy, and full of¬†flavour!¬†It literally melts in the mouth. Yum yum! Together with the¬†gravy that comes with the dish, plus the “cai¬†bo” (hokkien term), the¬†fish was an ultimate pleasure¬†and makes our tongue palate very, very happy! I cannot believe “cai bo” can taste so yummy! Not the wet wet type that we use to eat with our “chwee kuey”. This one is dry, and¬†I think possibly they fry it first. Ahhh.. YUMMY!!


We also ordered some intestines dishes, which i totally don’t eat, but according to Raymond the garbage eater, they tasted reeeeally nice, especially when you dip it in their special chilli sauce. Jeslin was describing how nice the chilli sauce was, sour and sweet and spicy kind of thingy. I was a little tempted, and so I decided to dip my chopstick into Raymond’s chilli sauce to test. SPICY SUPER!! Next time I better be good and not try the¬†spicy stuffs since I don’t take spicy stuffs. Finally I found someone same as me, doesnt take spicy food! ūüėÄ


We had chicken, we had those “flower” crabs (Qi?), we also had Butter/Creamy Crab. The Qi was really yummy too!! It’s the first time I ate such a small crab, so I didn’t know the proper way to eat it. Guan Lim did a demo, and Raymond followed.¬†So agar-ly I tried on my own, and viola! I managed to dig out the meat and feast! Despite being very small in size, the meat was so full and fleshy too! I like the idea where they¬†sprinkle the Qi with salt and then just plain BBQ-ing it. So simple, yet so delicious! I guess it also has got to do with them using only the freshest crabs for cooking.


The Butter/Creamy crab was a little out of my expectation. For all the butter/creamy crab that Raymond and I have eaten so far, this one is really different. Hmm… I guess I was expecting a whole lot more of the gravy, but this one has a little bit of gravy only. The cooking method also different I guess. But nonetheless, it’s not too bad! The claw was especially big with tons of meat inside! Maybe next time we shall bring them elsewhere with creamy crab to feast. The type where we usually eat – with a lot of gravy, where you can dip the fried mantou and munch. Very nice!


It is only now that I realised we didn’t order any vegetables! HAHAHA!! I think they are not the veggie people, cos they were the ones doing the food ordering. :p


Guan Lim had a loooot to drink, and we get to meet a lot of new people that day. Raymond also ended up drinking beer (eeeks!), and some Martell mixed with Coconut¬†water. Usually he doesn’t drink alcohol, but I supposed drinking is like one of the universal tools for establishing networks and friendships? Hmm… Personally I don’t like coconut, just like how¬†our¬†little doggie eats all kinds of fruits except for banana. Can’t pinpoint a reason why, but sometimes there’s no reason at all to things. Haha. Raymond on the other hand loves the Martell with Coconut water.


We stayed at the place for quite sometime, while I kept making Raymond bloat himself up with lots of plain water and visits to the toilet to release the water. Then Guan Lim and Jeslin invited us to their cosy crib which was nearby for a visit! WAH! They have like the nicest view, the highest floor, and the ceiling is very high too!


We stayed there till around 1am in the morning, and the next day they’ve got to work. So paiseh to hold back their time for so long. But¬†Raymond and I had¬†a lot of fun, and really enjoyed ourselves! We were amazed at the wonders of the PS3. Guan Lim really opened our eyes when he showed us how the PS3 is able to view photos, you can even see the EXIF data, zoom in and out, and the whole interface is so cool! Or maybe we’re really mountain turtle, cos we don’t have time for games. ūüôĀ


Oh well… looked through what they took for their Japan trip, and Japan sounds really fun! Guan Lim kept mentioning the Hokkaido word, showing us the pictures of the Kobe beef, Tuna belly and all other foodstuff, Jeslin was even saying how nice the beansprout tasted!! My goodness! They’re really good at tempting people. So Raymond and I decided to try putting aside some savings and see whether we can make it for the Hokkaido trip next year with them or not. Hehe.


What’s inside??


COOKIES!!! Life saving cookies!! We were hungry like mad when we got home, and luckily we have the cookies to satisfy our angry stomach. By the way, they’re very nice too! We finished the Raspberry one already. Can’t wait to try the Cranberry one! ūüėÄ


Jeslin also gave us a doll she got in Japan. This doll has no eyes. So we’re supposed to like make a wish and then draw one eye, and when our wish really comes true, we’re supposed to draw the other eye. I was wondering what wish to make, and what will happen to the doll when both the eyes are drawn. Can¬†I like fix a pair of ears for it and make another wish? Or put on a wig and stuffs… Maybe a genie will appear? Hmm… Then I was wondering, what will happen if I draw the eye one big one small, or one side got eyelashes, one side don’t have. That kind of thing you know… Hahahahaha! No wonder my friends always say I’m weird.


Ah, it’s actually Chilli Red in color. Maybe I shall call it “Ah Qi wawa”. Qi as in the chinese pronounciation for seven, wawa means doll in Chinese. Jeslin gave us a whole lot of other stuffs too! I shall keep the SKII masks till my wedding day then use. HAHAHAHA!! =_=”


Wow I’m so long winded today. Maybe cos I’m excited to see the pictures Raymond is going to take for Angela & Alvin’s wedding this Saturday, followed by Serena & Hiro’s on Sunday. And even more excited cos Raymond will be using his¬†spanking new Canon 5D MKII for the wedding shoot! I saw how fantastic the ISO can go up to. Even my ISO 400 is like the ISO 12,800 of 5D Mk2! It’s like… the ISO 25,600 is my ISO 800. Such a far far cry! *FAINTS*!! So it’s time to get me¬†a dummy camera too! Muwahahaha.


Oh if anyone is hungry, lives at the eastern side of Singapore, and doesn’t mind trying Teochew cuisine, the address is Blk 5, Changi Village Road, (S)¬†500005.¬†They even have Valet parking service! Very convenient since that area¬†is¬†always packed with cars. But do remember to call 65465482 and make reservations on weekend or dinner time. Else be prepared to queue for tables. ūüôā


I’m hungry now already! Bubbye! ūüėÄ


Lots of ‚ô•,


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