2 months to a year

I was browsing through our personal collection of photographs, and I cannot help but to smile when I saw some of those really quirky ones. I love looking through pictures because they have this power to bring me back to the time where the picture was taken. Sometimes when you are feeling blue, the funny ones can really cheer you up!


Here are some of the pictures taken during our trip to Phuket last year. I didn’t realised it has been close to a year already, until I saw the date indicated on the folder!

Fish feeding.


I didn’t really enjoy my holiday there because I wasn’t feeling well, I got bitten by the wild monkeys for no reason at all, and I had a horrifying experience during snorkelling (I can’t even swim, and the oversized life jacket didn’t help at all!). From then on, I was “cursing” every monkey I saw on the island, “cursing” every single thing that has monkey prints on it irregardless of whether they look cute or not. Even after watching Space Chimps the cutsey movie, it doesnt make that “hatred” go away.

But one of the activities I really enjoyed was feeding the fishies! We were given some slices of bread before we set foot on the island, then we were left to roam around the island freely! I bet the fishes must be really hungry! I tried dropping a tiny crumb and all the fishes started swimming over, fighting for that tiny piece of crumb! So ticklish that I had to giggle and laugh until like that. Some of the fishes even sneaked a “bite” at my legs. Maybe they were too hungry already, and thought my fatty thighs were big pieces of bread. Hahaha.


That’s Raymond bringing Sexy back! Hahahaha!
Another memorable experience was sand castle building. I quite like playing with sand and building sand castles. So when we were there, we spent some time playing around at the beach area. Since it was soon approaching evening time and the sky was turning dark, we couldn’t see and we didn’t know that we were actually digging the sandflies’ home. The sandflies got really angry with us for coming uninvited, and then got us a huge present as a way of showing how much they “enjoyed” our company. I think they hates me (Yay!! ) because I went back to the hotel empty handed that night. *Shrugs*.

I actually miss our days in Phuket when I look back at these pictures. Hmm… Feeling very hungry now. Wonder how’s Raymond doing at his shoot now. Hmm… I smell durian!! The Dowager brought durians home! I want to eat!! But am having diahrrea. =(


Till next time!


Lots of ♥,


by Raymond Phang Photography

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Raymond & Angeline - Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 11:10 pm

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for dropping by! This photo was actually taken at the Esplanade carpark. Do pop by the place and take a look.

Cheers!! 🙂

Vicky - Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 3:42 pm

Hi Raymond,

Saw ur website from Singapore Brides. Im doing research for my pre-wedding photo shooting.

May I know the place where u took the bridal car’s photo which places at the top of this website? Is it a car park, or?


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