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Opps! Sorry for all the delay! I finally had a chance to speak after Angeline snatched the throne for a few days. As this is going to be my virgin post, (honestly this is also the first time I had a blog/wrote to address a public, etc, because I’m not particularly good with words, I rather get lost behind the lens and express myself with the pictures I shoot) I decided to put in 100 images of what I recently shot for Eileen & John who are really a great bunch I must say! Fun-loving, spontaneous and no doubt seriously in love with each other. Enjoy! 🙂



That’s cheeky Eileen with a big “E” in the background.

Had no idea why she suddenly put her hands up but I thought it looked cool. Haha

That’s Ethan the curious kid.

That’s a smirk on his face! Haha!

Particularly love how the expression on Eileen says it all.

Angeline paticularly like this shot. No idea why, but maybe because this kid has bright eyes with long eye lashes.

Tekan time!!

Kiddo Ethan with the classic “oh no more” expression. The trying to rope Ethan to be one of their Brothers, and made him eat the Banana.

“Give me a minute, I have something to show you!”

I’m pretty sure none of them know what was to come when shown the seaweed. Haha 


Ethan looking zombified… “no more bananas please”…

Finally they got the keys!

Eh? How come cannot turn one huh?

The “evil” gate masters dancing in glee when they fooled John thinking that he had the keys to the door.

A slightly bigger red packet usually works.

John with the classic “you gotta be kidding me!” look. He was made to say out some rather interesting promises. shhhh…

Liked how everyone in this shot was doing their own thing, absorbed in their own world.


“eh? who kissed me?”

We had a mini outdoor shoot around the vicinity for around 20-30 minutes.

They had a quick drink, and then we had to rush back already.

Love the expression on John’s face!


Every kid loves Eileen and wants to give her a peck on her cheeks.

Their’s is a 2 day event, which happened on the 7 September and 8 September.

That’s Ethan when mummy Tracy asked him to kiss Eileen. Classic look! Haha!

Cannot decide whether to kiss the lips or cheeks. Ok i kiss the middle then.. Hahaha.

The usual tea ceremony. The other day Angeline was telling me that for our tea ceremony in future, she will go hunt for cute little teacups with cartoons of Stitch on them. She likes the Stitch in Lilo & Stitch, and all things ugly actually. If she can’t find them, she’ll use big mugs instead. And she meant REALLY big mugs.

Again, another one of those moments I love when everyone is totally absorbed in doing their own thing.


Love the contrast and the placement of hands. All in candid.

Eileen’s sister, lynette showing her wild side and mummy.


That’s Michael, Lynette’s husband. That guy is amazing. Has a 1000 sit up regime daily and doesn’t look half his age! Kudos to him! I can’t even do 100 situps with my constantly growing tummy!

Eileen’s daddy. Really warm and approachable guy!

Love the spontaneity!

I guess Tracy is complaining that the red packet he received this morning from John is too little and he deserved to be shot. Haha.

The girls with their bling bling! Left to right – miss pretty, Tracy, Evon, Mrs Goh.

Ah! That’s me shooting the image below. Angeline was there during the dinner time so she snipped a picture of me and my enormous, gigantic bum.

Bryce and Ethan. Adorable, bright kids they are.

Yum seng time!

I’m surprised how loud Eileen’s voice was during the banquet Yum Seng time!

Drinks… and more drinks…

Girls talk. Do not interrupt.

Caught Cam-whoring… Oops! I mean… taking very nice pictures of themselves… =p


And the resultant expression. Totally classic!! Haha!





I’m sure the cousins had a great time.

Eileen and john, Michael and Lynette. Pity they had to go back to Washington DC so soon.

I’m sure all the guests had fun that day! I had a great time shooting for their wedding and gorging myself with MacDonald’s on the Banquet night. Thanks guys for leaving me a seat at the Banquet, but I paiseh to eat lah. Haha. Really appreciate the thought. 🙂


Well, that’s a 100 out of the 1000+. Till the next time! It’s Guan Lim & Jeslin’s shoot tomorrow, followed by Anamika & Pradeepto’s on Sunday! Ciao!



Lots of ♥,

– Raymond

Raymond is currently involved in a Golf shoot, but luckily he saved this draft around 3+ in the morning. For helping him press the “Publish” button, I’m gonna claim a value pack Kinder Bueno from him tomorrow.

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