Wedding Photography of Bond and Kelly

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Bond and Kelly’s wedding on 25 December 2013 [Christmas] was my first time assisting Raymond on an actual day wedding shoot. So far the shoots I followed Raymond were for pre-wedding, casual shoots, food shoots, corporate profile shoots, product shoots etc but not for actual day. The only other time was for John and Ei-leen’s dinner banquet back in 2008, but I was sitting outside the ballroom, just waiting for Raymond to be done so that doesn’t count as one.


The opportunity to assist Raymond on an actual day wedding made me realize and understand a whole lot more on how he work. It’s nothing like the other shoots we have been to. Not even pre-wedding. Actual day wedding is so much more stressful! Everything is about being on time and meeting the auspicious timing, making sure everyone turns up accordingly, things happened as planned, and at the back of the couple’s mind they have to keep worrying about whether did so and so remember to bring along the overnight bags or shoes or the pouch or medicine and stuffs. All these doesn’t concern Raymond and doesn’t affect his job, but I feel that the energy does affect us somehow because besides focusing on getting the moments, there’s this nagging feeling inside us that shares the couples’ concern too.


We woke up in the morning and reached Kelly’s place earlier than 4.30am which was the stipulated time just because we don’t like to be late for shoots. The morning air was crisp and cooling, so I felt rather hopeful since the start of the day. I thought it was gonna be a fun day, should be fairly simple and easy, day should pass by pretty quick.


Upon reaching the carpark of Kelly’s place, Raymond switched to no nonsense mode and started to shoot the exterior of the building. In a very stern voice, he asked me to look out for suitable and interesting place to shoot the wedding gown, and when we’re up at Kelly’s place, I’ll need to look for places to shoot the wedding shoes, wedding rings and stuffs. STRESS!!!! His words came like lightning and thunder, and my brain like an old CPU without the UPS backup power supply decided to power off itself and went dead. Dead with some fire sparks and smoke sizzling out.


Went up to Kelly’s place and said Hi to her + the bridesmaids + parents + Grandma. Because I have always been the one liaising with couples since the very start of their wholesome experience with us, I felt at ease talking to Kelly. She’s really nice, really approachable and I thought she looked like Gillian Chung (One of the Hong Kong pop duo – TWINS) when she smile. (:
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 05
Not smiling here, but here’s Kelly having her make up done.


Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 01
A photo of Grandma who was really happy.


After the mingling, I had to look for place to shoot the gown – checked. Was quite a challenge which required the use of a plastic stool, climbing here and there, and the use of a long bamboo pole.
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 02
Spot me!


Next I had to look for place to shoot the ring. My goodness. My boss decided to play with Fire. Real fire. Found a place, checked with Kelly on the material of the rings and I had to set the rings on fire. Not easy! I had to quickly blow out the fire after Raymond was done with the shoot. Because it can get a little challenging to focus with the lens, he’d take a few shots just to make sure he gets the perfect focus with the perfect flame. Everytime I blew out the fire, the rings will move out of their position and I had to pick up the ring to reposition them. First time I didn’t know, I touched the ring and it was HOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Ok that woke me up already. -_-“
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 04


Anyway, thankfully Raymond got the shot he wanted fairly quickly and I brought him down to shoot the shoes. When we reached the carpark, that was the only place I thought looked pretty interesting because I like the texture of the wood. Positioned the shoes, lights, snapped, and went up…

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When Power Ranger Gets Married

Angeline has been very very busy since the birth of mini boss Adora (affectionately known to all as Enen). Proper work that puts food on the table can only be done when the mini boss is asleep, but the problem here is mini boss HATES sleep. She fights sleep with every last bit of her energy and will risk at nothing to expend the last bit of her reserve tank just to win the battle. It’s all or nothing for her. So every time the battle starts, Angeline will feel like murdering herself because it is extremely frustrating to hear those non stop crying and screaming.

I’ve never met a baby like her or know another baby like her. Why is it so difficult for her to just close her eyes and sleep!!


So recently we finally got a helper because we decided that if Angeline still doesn’t get to do any work, she’s gonna have to run on 5 minutes of shut eye a day in order to complete her backlogs.

Our helper Rebecca has been a great help! She made sure our tummies are filled, the place is clean, everything is neat and in order. Angeline still takes care of mini boss – prepping her meals, cooking her meals, making milk, bathing her, changing her diapers, teaching her, putting her to bed (bad struggle every time), etc etc. But at least while she focus on caring for the mini boss, the roof over our heads is well looked after by Rebecca and we won’t be working in a pig sty or living in cobwebs. Angeline then has more free time to blog a little when the mini boss is napping.

Rebecca is from Myanmar, she’s a Christian, speaks English and Mandarin too! It’s only our tenth day with her, so do give Angeline some breather and she’ll slowly get the blog up and running again (fingers crossed).

So today Angeline would like to share the wedding celebration of Betty and Karl!

Trying out a new way of putting photos together for the blog entry, i wish the lines can be thinner but unfortunately that’s the thinnest it can go.

Anyway, here are the photos! If you’d like to contact the photographer who shot this wedding, or would like to know more about us, can visit our website, or our Facebook, or email us love letters!


Good morning everyone! The day started at around 6ish in the morning for Raymond, and much earlier for Betty!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Here’s Betty getting her hair and makeup done by Cynthia Oh from Cynderella while the rest of her jiemeis busy themselves with things to do.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Well, I skipped the entire gatecrash prep segment to Betty getting all done up already because the jiemeis looked like they were having too much fun! And erm… the photos made me look hungry cos got all the noodle, alcohol and what not. They made it look like a very yummy breakfast spread! So evil…


Finished veiling already give mama and papa a big big hug.

Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Betty’s gorgeous butterfly heels from Areethan. It’s kinda hard to find heels with butterfly ornaments that look this good you know…. Ok, maybe the Christian Louboutin’s ultra limited edition Cinderella slipper. That one is quite pretty too with all the romantic lace and twinkling crystals. *drools*. 😛


Here comes Zack Taylor the black ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


With the rest of his shocking pink rangers entourage!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

To deal with EVIL MONSTERS (in times of need). Damn, I need a case of that too! And hello Mr cutey mushroom head!


Ok, so what’s inside the case was DIY power ranger currency that the boys prepared. Sadly what’s inside the case was powerless against the evil monsters.

So the pink rangers had to do whatever the jiemeis asked them to. Like eating a container of fried rice with chopped chilli padi. But hor wrapped up until like ba zhang, how to eat right? So had to pull out their mask first before they can eat.


Next up is a game the jiemeis called Kissing Pockey! The jiemeis even super effort, coated the strawberry pockey sticks with condensed milk and then sprinkled it with rainbow crunchy mini balls.

So the brothers had to pass the stick to one another using their mouth… and my my, this brother looked even happier than Betty when his chance came! The thought of his lips possibly touching Karl’s lips got him so excited! Muwahahaha~


Wah this one lagi passionate! Still use hand to touch face… maybe because he couldn’t help himself cos Mushroom head is so cute!



More of the torture – challenging poses to follow, physical abuse with jiemeis pulling clips off the brothers’ body parts, more makan of yum yum spicy noodle etc.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

And we have the final game called Slap It! It’s a game where the brothers all laid on the floor side by side, then a key is placed on their tummy, while Black Ranger had to smack their chest or tummy in order for the key to “bounce” over to the other brother’s tummy. Wah, not easy… The jiemeis had it all planned out, feed them full full so their tummy got no air to bounce. Luckily no one merlion-ed the food out. Otherwise Black Ranger would have been so traumatised… but then again, probably that’s the reason why he kept his mask on. Smart move!!


Fuwah this one mega huge ang pow, better grab tight!


Yay black ranger finally made it!


Of course he had to change out of his costume first before doing his Declaration of Love. Here’s Karl declaring his love to “Betty Junior”. Hmmm.. if the gatecrash was a role reversal and Betty was doing the declaration of Love instead, then she’d be doing it to a “Karls Junior”. Carl’s Junior… geddit? OMG my lame jokes getting so bad!


Ok, declaration of love can pass so can get the bride already! Smooch smooch abit first~


Sorry Betty, saliva exchanged already so no looking back. Now we gotta pack you to the groom’s place liao~


Ooohh.. Raymond Phang’s signature car shot of the bridal car in motion! Endangering his life since… 2006/2008!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Ok more smooches just because.


Ta-Dah! The floor is so polished~ -_-”


Superman around, no scared! He make sure the kids bouncing and jumping on the bed will give Betty and Karl super lots of babies! 😀


Tea ceremony!



Hug Hug from Mama~


Nuffin much, just standing around.


And still standing around. Hehehe~


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Ok la, let’s move on to the shots at Capella where the couple held their solemnisation and wedding dinner.


Look at their Solemnisation area set up. A cutesyful colorful garden themed decor!


Some of the decors and details.


Mr & Mrs~ Awww… Wedding Rings by Michael  Trio~


Mr is eagerly anticipating his Mrs.


Here come Mrs and her first love!


Now over to Mr to continue their journey in life together. Let’s begin the solemnisation ceremony.



Justice of Peace/Solemniser: Francis Ng Chin Fah. And Betty, why you laugh until so happy!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang


Karl, your wifey has magic qigong power, so don’t ever think of bullying her.

Karl in an “oh shit what have i gotten myself into” moment so he laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs..


Bully me and i’ll use my magic qi-gong to add more pimples and wrinkles to your forehead. See if you dare.

*Karl sweats*


But decided to put the ring on her finger anyway, cos he love Betty for who she is, with qigong or not, extra wrinkles or not, he decided they’ll stick through thick and thin together.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Awww.. hold tight tight!

Betty reading her vows.


Everyone listened.


One of my favourite shot!


One of my favourite shot too cos got erm… pastries and yummy stuffs~


Capella ballroom with their signature circular ceiling shape and lights.


Look at the stage! Woaaaah… The Magical Key to Happiness giant backdrop and the cutesy mushrooms etc etc, and the super duper pretty cake!


Oh yummy!!! Love the cascading flowers in sweet pastel shades! Something simple yet playful with the play of color contrast!


If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Maybe that’s why T-Rex is perpetually angry… cos their hands too short cannot clap. -_____-”


UP inspired guestbook!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Photobooth! #kowkowxinxin

Are you ready to start the showwwww?


Woah, first march in and they’re already covered in a sky full of colorful confetti shower!


Of course the drinking began too!


Ai seh, this one drink 100 glasses already, give you one thumbs up!


Smile peeps, you’re on candid camera!


Look at all the candid photos that Raymond managed to fish that night! Emcee was interviewing guests with some light Q&A prolly bout the couple.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Well, looks like they gave an answer that saved Karl’s backside else why he looked so relieved here. Muwahahahahaha!


Second March in, let’s get high!!


That’s the cork flying in mid air!


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Yum seng!


Speeches time!
Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang



Heartfelt speeches always make people tear uncontrollably.



Loving all these real moments.




Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Okie, couple’s speech is over.


Betty and Karl both prepared special segment for one another. Betty sang a song Grow Old with You, complete with a slideshow of photos which was really cute and romantic.


Karl… did a striptease for Betty… and everyone else present.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Just kidding!! He showed off his sleek dance moves!


Betty was so impressed!


A kissy kiss to reward Karl


Ok back to drinking.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Oei Karl! How come you make Betty drink ah??

There were alot of drinking that night, but let’s skip them to the send offs first and then we come back to this.



Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Oh hello laser lights~


Didi, where are you going!


Diu diu diu diu~


Look at the silhouette of at giant bottle……


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

At every party, there’s always ONE person who will attempt to make everyone drunk.


Singapore Wedding Day Photography by Raymond Phang

Are you the one?


Ok more partying~


Last photo with the DJ and diu diu diu laser neon lights.

Hope you guys enjoyed this set of photos and here are some of the vendors the couple engaged for their wedding;

Wedding gowns by Amanda Lee Weddings

Cheongsam by Valens Couture

Suits by Iris Tailor

Hand Bouquet by Cotton and Sage

Wedding Planner by Simpatico

Videography by Alanmitchi Productions

Photobooth by Fourstops

Photography by Raymond Phang Photography


WEEEEEEEE!! Till the next time!


Sleepy eyes,

This is Angeline


*cracks knuckles and puts one toothpick at each eyeball*

Gosh my eyelids are so heavy it keeps shutting! I survived one year of parenthood but it’s not easy juggling work and baby and chores. On top of that take care of two dogs with one being blind and sick, and also some other ongoing mentally draining event. Feels like I’m dragging a titanic ship or something even more colossal and heavier than that. Actually it’s my heavy ass and thunder thighs. WAHAHAHAHA!

With the baby, your world and timing somehow revolves around her. You only have time to do whatever you needed to do when she’s finally napping. But even when she finally closes her eyes, don’t rejoice yet. There were times where my butt barely touched the toilet seat and the baby started to cry. All my little brown soldiers who were already fully prepared to have their passports chopped had to do a big reverse and they all got stuck at the custom. Officer had to put them on hold and tend to the baby. When I finally, finally had time to go back to the toilet, the little brown soldiers became super angry they refused to clear the customs and when I forced them out, they shot out like bullets. You can hear the loud “diang diang” sound of them hitting against the porcelain bowl. -____________-“

Ok too much info.

I think it’s time to come straight to the point.

We have some super duper happy news to share!

Raymond is… pregnant!! And Susu is also pregnant!! It’s true cos they give birth every morning, and for Raymond, sometimes several times a day. Hahahaha~

No lah, good news is… This year, we are going back to New Zealand again! LIKE YAY!!!!!! LIKE FINALLY!!!!! Finally we get to go back to our hometown, make grass angel at random fields, explore abandoned buildings, wash face at random river streams/lake, pick pretty pebbles, drink Speights beer for breakfast lunch dinner supper, make scary faces at the trees at Petrified forest, stuff ourselves with Bluff oysters and fresh salmon sashimi, flash at random cows, hypnotize ourselves by staring at the sheep, attempt to flick a slow moving fly, eat sausages out in the 2 degree cold weather at night etc etc etc!

Things are gonna be different this time round cos we’ll be traveling with the… ASPARAGUS!!

OMG OMG!! Like one of the craziest and most talented crew ever!


And not forgetting Mr Sheepish!! It’s Mr Sheepish’ second time to NZ!


We’re alllllll on the same wavelength actually. Which is why this trip is gonna be super awesome with such an awesome group of peeper! So looking forward to our first travel together and get to understand you guys more. Can’t wait to ambush and prank you guys in NZ. Oops. Like if you can’t find your socks in the morning when you wake up, you can try looking in the freezer, in the car exhaust, or chew your food properly when you’re eating your breakfast.  HAHAHAHA. And of course, our mini boss will be tagging along too! (Good luck to all your ears cos she’s gonna cry and scream to fight sleep).

For all the previous years that we’ve been to NZ, we have never tried the hot air balloon. Our first year to NZ we were out shooting for Emily and Colin while our good friends Mr Scooby Loon and Mr BeefcakeRence went out hand in hand to explore the place. They even took a romantic hot air balloon ride together without us. So sad. =(

The following year when we were in NZ, we were obsessed with drinking Speights beer for Adrian and Deh Leen’s shoot so we totally forgotten about the Hot air balloon again.

Then another year we went NZ again with Mr Curry Horfun Koh. Angeline’s maniac driving scared everyone shitless while Raymond went back to Singapore for a shoot. Nobody remembered anything about the hot air balloon.


So this time round to make sure all of us remember the hot air balloon, we’re starting Operation Float Away.

Operation Float Away involves binge eating so that we’ll become round and cute like the hot air balloon. Sumore CNY is coming, best time and best excuse to eat eat eat! I bet this time round it’s gonna be soooooo successful.

One look at each other, we’ll all be reminded to take the hot air balloon ride in NZ this year. 😀

Looking a little like the garden Gnome hor? Wahahahaha~ Here’s Hot Air Balloon #2 attempting to deflate herself  by blowing her dragon’s breath onto the poor dandelion.

Hot Air Balloon #3 is the biggest cos she still has a kangaroo pouch after giving birth.


SO……………………………………… If you’re keen to do a pre-wedding shoot with us in New Zealand this coming May (end May to be specific), whatsapp our Sai Gang Warrior at Eight-138-339-Seven for more details! An all-inclusive one day bridal pre-wedding shoot starts at only SGD 2000 which already includes the photographer’s airfare and lodging. No terms and conditions attached, no joke and this is not a scam. Okay, we’ll try very hard not to steal your socks. There’s no minimum number of couples to go and you don’t have to top up anything for photos! All photos will be returned to you. You can decide what you want to do with the photos – throw darts, make into a heart shape collage, do a photo slideshow, print on bath towels or pillow case etc etc.

Okok, I cannot reveal any more details here otherwise we’ll have too many couples wanting to take this unbelievably good deal which also includes motion coverage and we’ll have to end up extending our trip for another month.

For those who are looking to do a conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot in New Zealand, we only have 1 slot available. As with all our conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot, meet up and biography is mandatory as not every couple is suitable and we are unable to take every couple who wants to do a conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot.

But kindly take note that we’re closed for the lunar new year from 27 January 2017 to 4 February 2017. Emails and enquiries will be replied only when we are back. So be patient with us while we pump ourselves with bak kwa and arrowroot chips and pineapple tarts and shrimp roll ok!!

Here’s wishing everyone a very prosperous lunar new year! Huat ah!!! 😀


Fatty Angie

Hello lazy egg!

  1. Fans of the lovable lazy egg, the wait is over!

Singapore’s Gudetama Cafe finally opens on 30 November 2016 at Suntec City! Taking up a massive 2,300 square feet space with 112 seaters, I thought it’ll be a good place to hold private events such as birthday celebrations. So i asked the staff if they are open to private booking, but they say noooooo~ 🙁

For those who don’t know, Gudetama is one of the cutesy character from sanrio. While you’re suckered to contribute to the snaking queue for a table, you can watch the Gudetama cartoon on tv at the queue area. We queued for like 15-20 minutes? The Gudetama song is like infused into our skin already cos it keeps playing over and over and over again. Hahaha~”Gude” simply means someone or something with no energy/strength, and “tama” means egg in Japanese. I know the “tama” word sounds like the vulgarity that we all know, but it’s not. Don’t anyhow anyhow ah~

Stepping into the cafe, you’ll notice all the cutesy detail in terms of the decor like the egg shaped booths and chairs, waffle in the ceiling, there’s also a fountain and a statue/figurine thingy like 招财猫 lidat welcoming you to their place. Ok, next time will remember to take photos. For now, just use your imagination can already. Luckily the wait for our food didn’t take too long, if not we’d have to gobble the chairs and then ask for a ladder to climb up the ceiling so that we can munch on the waffle. Hahaha~

While queueing, and if you’re next to go in, the server will take your order. Unfortunately the signature dishes are already sold out! Sigh!! No choice, we ordered the Rib-“i” Dont Care ($28.50) which is a 200g chargrilled NZ prime Angus ribeye steak and the Big “Nua” breakfast ($25.90).

Actually when you see the menu you feel like ordering everything cos they’re all so cute! It’s no wonder cos the menu was a special collaboration with food stylist Little Miss Bento (Shirley Wong) to craft out something soooooo visually appealing and instagram worthy! We don’t usually take photos of our food but for this, we had to. :p

While waiting for food, Raymond had a mini bonding session with Enen! It can’t be seen clearly here but her t shirt says “I love Daddy”. -___-“


US HUMANS ARE EATING THE ADORABLE LAZY EGG! Raymond says it’s a little sadistic… =\

Enen rarely sees Daddy at home, sometimes she calls me both mama and papa. -.-“

Oh this was the drinks we ordered – the iced tea coolers ($8.50) – lychee and strawberry. Hmm.. drinks very standard, just remember to stir ok! Otherwise very sweet. T_T

Raymond was too hungry he started gobbling the steak before photos. So.. the steak photo here is abit off. He tried to cover his tracks by bua-ing the creamy wild mushroom sauce all over but fail miserably. The yellow ball on top is actually mashed potatoes, and at the side are the grilled veggies. Not too bad, was quite surprised that the steak is quite flavourful! Quite juicy! Quite tender! Doneness was good! In fact all was good, except for the fact that it’s too salty. 🙁

And here’s my brekkies! There’s bacon, spicy pork bratwurst, two sunny side up eggs (they didn’t ask if i prefer scrambled or omelette etc), mini hash brown, baked beans in the white egg case (business must be too good, wash until the ink on the case is almost gone), toasted brioche plus some greens on the side with the dressing. My food was good, can’t go wrong with brekkies i guess. I gave the fatty bacon to Raymond because since I cannot make myself skinny, i gotta make him fatty. Hahahahaha!

After our mains, Raymond being the one with the sweet tooth and separate compartment for desserts decided to order some sweets.

At Raymond Phang Photography, desserts are not meant to be shared but this time round we got the Shoyu Ramen set ($21.90) to share only because I’m on a diet.


I’m a sucker for amazing looking desserts! Imagine my delight when the shoyu ramen set was served! It’s actually chocolate mousse cake with feuilletine, chestnut mont blanc, earl grey jelly and orange tuile and that cold toufu imposter? That’s actually panna cotta!! I think! HAHAHA! What’s in the little pot? Rose tea. BRILLIANT set!


Erm, just that the texture of the ramen is on the dry side and it’s rather hard to eat with the black spoon. =\

So what’s our conclusion? Price tag is on the high side, cuteness level definitely there, food is ok (maybe cos they just opened, so still tweaking since they asked for our feedback upon payment). Will we return again? Probably few months later when they’re more settled? Cos Raymond want to try their signature dishes. Haha!

We don’t head out often to eat and this kinda places, so will try to share if we’re at some interesting cafes or restaurants!

Oh all the photos here are taken with the iPhone 7 plus portrait mode. I was just testing around… not a pro so don’t judge hor!

In case you need the address to Gudetama Cafe;

Gudetama Cafe Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-361 (West Wing, near Suntec City Convention side)
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 10pm (Fri – Sun) Last Order 9:30pm

And this is not a sponsored post in case some of you are wondering. -_-”

I’m bugging Ray to try the pompompurin cafe next though. 😛




Yin & Yang – Masterpiece by Uncle Bob


Here’s a masterpiece co-created by Uncle Bob and photographed by Raymond Phang during the wedding couple’s tea ceremony.

Uncle Bob’s shutter went off continuously like an ultra cool machine gun. The click click click shutter sound stroked Uncle Bob’s ego. It made Uncle Bob felt good. When the camera flash saw this, it got jealous of the shutter and decided to make its presence known too. So… here we go, make-shift disco flash lights for the win! And what a perfect timing!! It decided to go off just when Raymond pressed the button. *slow clap*

This beautiful masterpiece has since been named Yin and Yang. Half blown, half properly exposed.

We would like to thank Uncle Bob for co-creating this, if not we’d never be able to produced such an artistic piece of tea ceremony shot, ever. (:

#singapore #sgwedding #sgphotography #sgphotographer #wedding#weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #unclebob#WhereIsAuntNellie #flashflashflash #machinegun #nonstopshutter#clickclickclick #shutterbug #whyLikethat #yinyang #masterpiece#awardwinning #dontlaugh #teaceremony #actualday #weddingcouple#slowclap

Aunt Nellie – Every Photographer’s Nightmare!

When Uncle Bob is not around…….. Aunt Nellie to the rescue!!


Susu was shooting a couple’s actual day wedding ceremony. Bride was looking radiant in her beautiful white wedding gown. It was a fit and flare mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline that really accentuates her figure and she looked just like a princess!

The tall and handsome groom was looking sharp in his deep blue suit. With a hairdo like that, he beats any Korean actor hands down.

Hand in hand, the couple walked into the ballroom for their first march-in. Everyone was cheering and clapping for them, some of the guests standing by the aisle were happily throwing flower petals.

Oh, like Uncle Bob who couldn’t be there to witness this beautiful celebration, I think you guys can’t see it from this photo too… But fret not, we have Aunt Nellie to the rescue!!

Aunt Nellie so wanted to share this beautiful sight with Uncle Bob! She mustered all her courage, stepped onto the red carpet, parked herself right in the middle of the aisle where that’s the best spot for photos, and took many many many many many shots of the couple walking in.

Susu and even our dear videographer had to give Aunt Nellie a slow clap for her courageous stunt. They even contemplated going off already since Aunt Nellie is there doing their job.

I’m sure Aunt Nellie went home with a lot of photos of the couple that night and even recounted the night’s event with Uncle Bob. I don’t know what she did with the photos afterwards (save them? delete them? print them?)… and what meaning those photos had for her. Afterall she was a friend of the couple’s parent, whom the couple probably ain’t even close to begin with.


To all couples who are gonna hold your wedding celebration soon, please get your emcee to make an announcement, put up wanted posters outside the venue, get people to catch uncle bobs and aunt nellies and tie them up, or stuff them with the entire 3/4/5 tier wedding cake. I mean it. They don’t have the right to ruin the couple’s photos like that. Furthermore the photos/videos are the only thing that records the memories of their big day. Okay!?! >:(

Oh by the way “Nellie” is not her real name. -.-”

#singapore #sgwedding #sgphotographer#sgphotography #weddingday #wedding#weddingceremony #actualday #marchin#weddingcouple #couple #unclebob #auntnellie#weddingphotography #weddingphotographer#unpluggedwedding #idontlikeit#cherishthememories #dontruinthewedding #nightmare 

F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n