Wedding Photography of Bond and Kelly

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Bond and Kelly’s wedding on 25 December 2013 [Christmas] was my first time assisting Raymond on an actual day wedding shoot. So far the shoots I followed Raymond were for pre-wedding, casual shoots, food shoots, corporate profile shoots, product shoots etc but not for actual day. The only other time was for John and Ei-leen’s dinner banquet back in 2008, but I was sitting outside the ballroom, just waiting for Raymond to be done so that doesn’t count as one.


The opportunity to assist Raymond on an actual day wedding made me realize and understand a whole lot more on how he work. It’s nothing like the other shoots we have been to. Not even pre-wedding. Actual day wedding is so much more stressful! Everything is about being on time and meeting the auspicious timing, making sure everyone turns up accordingly, things happened as planned, and at the back of the couple’s mind they have to keep worrying about whether did so and so remember to bring along the overnight bags or shoes or the pouch or medicine and stuffs. All these doesn’t concern Raymond and doesn’t affect his job, but I feel that the energy does affect us somehow because besides focusing on getting the moments, there’s this nagging feeling inside us that shares the couples’ concern too.


We woke up in the morning and reached Kelly’s place earlier than 4.30am which was the stipulated time just because we don’t like to be late for shoots. The morning air was crisp and cooling, so I felt rather hopeful since the start of the day. I thought it was gonna be a fun day, should be fairly simple and easy, day should pass by pretty quick.


Upon reaching the carpark of Kelly’s place, Raymond switched to no nonsense mode and started to shoot the exterior of the building. In a very stern voice, he asked me to look out for suitable and interesting place to shoot the wedding gown, and when we’re up at Kelly’s place, I’ll need to look for places to shoot the wedding shoes, wedding rings and stuffs. STRESS!!!! His words came like lightning and thunder, and my brain like an old CPU without the UPS backup power supply decided to power off itself and went dead. Dead with some fire sparks and smoke sizzling out.


Went up to Kelly’s place and said Hi to her + the bridesmaids + parents + Grandma. Because I have always been the one liaising with couples since the very start of their wholesome experience with us, I felt at ease talking to Kelly. She’s really nice, really approachable and I thought she looked like Gillian Chung (One of the Hong Kong pop duo – TWINS) when she smile. (:
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 05
Not smiling here, but here’s Kelly having her make up done.


Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 01
A photo of Grandma who was really happy.


After the mingling, I had to look for place to shoot the gown – checked. Was quite a challenge which required the use of a plastic stool, climbing here and there, and the use of a long bamboo pole.
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 02
Spot me!


Next I had to look for place to shoot the ring. My goodness. My boss decided to play with Fire. Real fire. Found a place, checked with Kelly on the material of the rings and I had to set the rings on fire. Not easy! I had to quickly blow out the fire after Raymond was done with the shoot. Because it can get a little challenging to focus with the lens, he’d take a few shots just to make sure he gets the perfect focus with the perfect flame. Everytime I blew out the fire, the rings will move out of their position and I had to pick up the ring to reposition them. First time I didn’t know, I touched the ring and it was HOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Ok that woke me up already. -_-“
Raymond Phang Wedding Photography Singapore - 04


Anyway, thankfully Raymond got the shot he wanted fairly quickly and I brought him down to shoot the shoes. When we reached the carpark, that was the only place I thought looked pretty interesting because I like the texture of the wood. Positioned the shoes, lights, snapped, and went up…

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Happy Birthday (人日)!

Today is the 7th day of the first lunar month, and this day is also known as 人日, which is considered to be the birthday of Human since it was the day human beings were created (according to the chinese mythology). In the Chinese mythology, 女娲 (nv wa) was the goddess who created the world. She created animals on different days (chickens, dogs, boars, sheeps, cows, horses) and human on the seventh day. Well, I don’t really celebrate 人日 but I sure don’t mind celebrating birthdays everyday… just to eat cake. Muwahahaha~!!

We’ve been so busy over the CNY period and bam, now we’re already 7 days into the first lunar new year. I had 3 rounds of reunion dinner this year – an early one with both sides of parents cos my sister in law will be away in Perth on the actual reunion dinner day. Second round was a lunch with Raymond’s parents (home cooked Pig trotters vinegar, pigs stomach soup, steamed chicken, sweet & sour prawn, veggies etc etc). Third round was a dinner with my parents and aunt. We had steamboat with lots of food items such as fish maw, scallop, fish, crayfish, quail eggs, beef shabu etc etc. It was literally a seafood steamboat session. We ate so much until our stomach exploded, and I had to say bye bye to some of the clothes I got which was meant for CNY. Haiz… But I cannot resist the shrimp roll, the bak kwa, the pineapple tarts, the chiku (arrowhead/arrowroot chips). So I really stuffed my faces with those goodies. And we discovered that the mini boss enjoys eating Belinjau cracker. You know, that bitter bitter cracker thingy? I don’t even like it but the mini boss chomped it down like a champ. -_-”

I’ve also met a friend before the lunar new year and I do share the same sentiments with her on several points.

To friends/strangers reading this who are feeling really lost and stressed up this year, here’s something for you from Joel Osteen;

What God has spoken over you has an appointed time to come to pass. Don’t get discouraged. The silence is temporary. God loves you so much that at times he will hide you. He’ll cause you to be overlooked, he’ll cause that door not to open. He’ll cause a person to walk away. You can be talented and hidden, anointed and hidden, have great ideas and hidden. And if you don’t understand that it’s God hiding you, you’ll be frustrated and try to make things happen out of God’s timing. But before you see notoriety, you’ll go through a season of obscurity. You have to pass this test when you’re hidden.

This sure speaks a lot to me and I hope it will to you.

Coming back to blogging… today I’m sharing some photos from Christopher and Hui Lin’s wedding day. It’s a full day 8 hours wedding which we started off at the Bride’s place in the morning. They didn’t have any gatecrashing (lucky you Chris!) and it was a cosy wedding celebration at the beautiful Tamarind Hill. Tea Ceremony and solemnization were all done within Tamarind Hill itself so the couple saved quite a bit of timing on the traveling;


Good morning!


Wedding Photography

Since there were no gatecrashing preps to photograph, they got us to start at 11am, when bride is already dressed and dolled up.


But we sneaked time to take some quick shots of the final touches anyway.

Tamarind Hill Singapore

And of course the important part – veiling!


Wedding Photography

Groom arrives, take a very sud sud shot. Must act fierce in case got any unexpected ambush upstairs since gatecrashing wasn’t in the agenda.


Tamarind Hill Wedding

Upon reaching the bride’s unit, finally can breathe and smile and laugh already cos really don’t have gatecrashing. Heng ah!


Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

All Christopher had to do was to kiss the bride. Can you spot the old school portrait in the background? Somewhere at the top right area? That was the kind of wedding portrait of our parents’ time. We don’t do that anymore cos the young generation is all about hippy stuffs, cool portraits, being loud, bold, and unique. This kind of classical portrait probably bores them no end. I felt the same too years back. But now I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity and the classics too, besides the wacky fun shots. Maybe because I’m getting old already. Oh those MRT tracks running on my face….  -_-“


Singapore Wedding Photographer

I can’t tell why but I like this candid shot! So many ways to interpret the story here!


Tamarind Hill Wedding

The traditional tossing of the fan by the bride shot. Even though we’ve advanced in many ways when it comes to expectations of wedding photos, there are some traditions that we are still practicing today when it comes to wedding. I’m sure we still have many couples consulting the feng shui master on auspicious dates and timings right? 😀


Chillax Venue for Weddings

Hohoho~ Our signature shot of the bridal car in motion. Nissan Qashqai never looked this good. Muwahahaha~ The 0-100km for the 2.0 litre version probably comes in about 10.9 seconds and the 1.6 litre version at about 11ish seconds?


Solemnization Tamarind Hill

Another mandatory getting out of car shot.


Actual Day Wedding Photograph

Christopher fetched his bride and we went straight to Tamarind Hill. Took some quick shots around the area before they went off to have their hair/makeup done for the evening.


Should have asked them to attempt a Titanic pose. You know the part where Jack was hugging Rose from behind and Rose was saying “I’m flying!”


Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Chillax Venue for Weddings

Tamarind Hill Wedding

A standard group shot with the buddies! Thank you for helping, and also for driving Raymond’s car! (:


Actual Day Wedding Photograph

Ok, Christopher had to go off for his rehearsal and to settle some of the logistics, so we have Hui Lin to ourselves for some solo shots.


Chillax Venue for Weddings


Tamarind Hill Singapore

太美了! T_T


Wedding Photography

Solemnization part begins now.


Solemnizer: “After you wed, all your money is her money.”
Christopher: “Hmmmmmm.. right….”


Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Hui Lin: ” OMG this Solemnizer is the best!”

Singapore Wedding Photographer

Hui Lin: “Ok, now all your money will be my money. I will use it very wisely by investing them in Hermes Birkin bags.”
Christopher: “Jialat liao… can only listen and nod and say yes now.”

Tamarind Hill Wedding

Happy wife, happy life, right! 😀


And they sealed the deal with the ring exchange.


Chillax Venue for Weddings


Solemnizer: “Remember ah, happy wife happy life. You let her invest in Hermes Birkin, and who knows one day she might let you do Stage 3 for your car.”
Hui Lin: “Haha… Ha… Hmm.. What is stage 3 ah?”
Christopher: “Hehehehehehe… Stage 3!!!!!!!”


Tamarind Hill Singapore


Solemnization Tamarind Hill

You guys fancy this grainy treatment done to the photo?


Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Ring shot.


Chillax Venue for Weddings

Let the party begins!

Tamarind Hill Wedding

The march in aisle is not exactly a straight aisle, cos they have to walk through pillars and what not since it’s not a traditional hotel banquet venue.


Actual Day Wedding Photograph



Speech time


Singapore Wedding Photographer



Chillax Venue for Weddings

Happy until can see teeth cannot see eyes!




Tamarind Hill Singapore

Oh oh…. Christopher actually drank so much until he had an epic end to the night with blood all over his face and floor in the toilet. Poor Huilin must have freaked out cos she woke Christopher with her scream. O_O”


Actual Day Wedding Photograph


Solemnization Tamarind Hill

Love the expression! 😀

Chillax Venue for Weddings

Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Yah, can tell they were really enjoying themselves that night.



Singapore Wedding Photographer


Tamarind Hill Wedding

You know we returned about 700+ edited photos to the couple, it’s soooooooooooooooooo difficult to pick a bunch for blogging!! I might have missed out on some nicer ones, but friends of Christopher and Huilin can perhaps check with the couple if you want to see the full set. :p



Chillax Venue for Weddings

So we can see who were the culprits.


Wedding Photography

Hahahaha~ that -___-” face.


Solemnization Tamarind Hill

More yum sengs~


Chillax Venue for Weddings



Tamarind Hill Singapore

So nice of the culprits to label their concoction.



Solemnization Tamarind Hill

Some of the brothers were buddy enough to Da the drinks!


Singapore Wedding Photographer

Ehhhhh!!! Don’t finish everything!! Leave some for me!!!!


Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Christopher really drank a lot….


The guests were high and started singing (the couple engaged a live band).


Actual Day Wedding Photograph


Tamarind Hill Wedding

Christopher’s mini rock concert with his fans.



Hello Christopher.


Tamarind Hill Wedding

He had to be “escorted” that night.


Actual Day Wedding Photograph

Taking a quick break outside for some fresh air.


Chillax Venue for Weddings


Singapore Wedding Photographer

Cannot make it already.


Tamarind Hill Singapore

Wedding Photography

Unique Wedding Banquet Venue

Good night.

Actual Day Wedding Photograph

Sweet dreams.


It was a fun fun night for the couple – they didn’t do any table shots kind of thing (table setting was long western style), it was more of impromptu mini group shots with their friends. They didn’t have to bother with formalities, they simply let go and be themselves with their friends. I just relooked at the folder of 718 photos again, there are just too many shots and I wish I can share them all here – many candid expressions, couple’s speech, fairy lights, live bands, details/decor etc etc!!! One of the most enjoyable and unforgettable weddings we have photographed. Thank you for having us and here’s wishing you guys good health, happiness and many more wonderful adventures!! 😀


Lots of Bak Kwa,


Singapore Kindness Movement – Ben and Bang

Dear empty space, sorry for neglecting you just like how I neglected many aspects of life. But… here I am! Filling your ears with stories and updating you with some of the happenings!

Lots of nitty gritties – Bailey crossed the rainbow bridge (did i share this with you already?), we went on to New Zealand, Zurich, then to Hong Kong and back in Singapore, I gained 3 KG from the 3 different countries, Mini boss had hyperpyrexia, the ad campaign we did for Singapore Kindness Movement (Ben and Bang) was launched when we were away. We have been extremely busy since we returned, so it was only recently that we managed to squeeze some time out to hunt for the prints. Susu and I are gonna be jie meis for Anna and Sherman’s coming wedding next week! I hope the gatecrashing will be an interesting, fun and enjoyable tekan session for Anna’s friends and family.. hopefully not too much of a culture shock. We promise we’ll go easy… but it’s not easy on us too! 5-6 sisters against 15 brothers plus the groom. They have too many sneaky and cunning brothers in their team so hopefully our few but lethal games will have them begging for our mercies. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!

Thing is, the weight gained didnt help in our dress fitting. They got a pretty pink one piece dress for the sisters, but if i were to put anything, siew mai or a slice of cake into my mouth, the dress is gonna burst into a million pieces. I don’t think anyone would like to see pink confettis and a blob of fatty jelly running for life. SO, we’re gonna hunt for alternatives this weekend. Wish us luck! Hahaha~

So, so, so, so, we were talking about the ad campaign photoshoot right? Here are the photos!!!

Meet Kelly, Christopher and Imam! Kelly as the falling lady, Christopher as Ben and Imam as Bang;

Singapore Kindness Movement - Photography by Raymond Phang

Spotted one at bus stop! Had to take a photo! Ray’s mandatory shot and Angeline’s failed falling shot. Kelly obviously did a much better job!

SKM Ben and Bang

Next, we brought along our trusty EZ-Link card and headed down to Hougang MRT Station! Ta-Dah!! They’re all over the station!

Ben and Bang Singapore Kindness Movement

Sorry photos abit small, will share the biiiiiig one on Facebook and Instagram~

Singapore Commercial Photographer

The photoshoot was super duper fun (as with almost all of RPP’s photoshoots). We’ve had friends in the industry sharing about how some talent/model’s attitude are smellier than Prahok (sorry to my Cambodian friends, I know some of you really love this dish but it’s an acquired taste for me. :P). So we’re extremely grateful to have this group of people working together with us – fun, positive, vibrant, humble, accommodating and all things sugary!! They brought us so much laughter on set! Thank you for letting us enjoy what we’ve always loved doing! 😀

MRT Ad Singapore

If you think it’s easy being an actor/talent, think again. Here’s Angie’s failed casting for the Ben and Bang role. Christopher and Imam clearly were the winner with the expressions. Angie just look like she’s…. haggling price with the granny underwear seller at the wet market. -_-“

Singapore Bus Outram North Bridge Road Terminal

Next was the toughest one. Buses. -.-“. We went to a few bus interchange to hunt! Ended up eating a lot of junk food also cos of that. Imagined just one bus interchange and Angie had 3 slices of cake – Lychee Martini, Black forest and some Sea Salt Caramel from The Pine Garden. Now someone please tell Angie why her dress is exploding.

We waited damn long, asked the bus captains but no luck. Finally J gave us some bus numbers to try and here we are at the North Bridge Road Bus Terminal trying to use our Karma points. It was quite a burning hot day, and the summon uncle was lurking around like hungry shark. $1.20 per half hour was the rate for the parking… you don’t want to know how many coupons we teared.

Photography work printed on Bus!

Finally spotted the bus!!!!!

Bus number 2

Wah, fasterly we ran down and take photo like mountain turtle tourist! Those who have seen us running must have thought we were mad people who have never seen a bus before in their lives. Well, it’s exciting to see your work appear on buses mah… Raymond wanted to go up close to scrutinize the prints but surveillance camera were everywhere and we’re not allowed to set foot on the bus bay, so we could only admire it from a distance.

Bursting with excitement

Just when we thought we might have a chance of taking an up close photo, the bus flew straight ahead without stopping at the bus stop where Angie was standing. Grrrrrrrrr…. So Angie quickly stood and froze while Raymond took a few shots with Angie’s iPhone. Sadly Angie almost camouflaged together with the road cos she was standing in the shade, but oh well, at least we can see the bus! Weeeeeee!!

We were super relieved that we can finally close the bus hunting chapter and move on to focus on the work we have on hand. Lots of through and fro communications, lots of liaising, lots of challenges with tripping stones, heads becoming 40 times bigger, white hair count increased by 100 folds. But we’re thankful for the opportunity and experience, it’s a test to see how far we can go in terms of our capability, how much strength and endurance we have to push this through, how much faith we have to make things happen. I’m sure we can do a swee swee job as always! Let’s see what magic we can create this time round. But first, let us stock up on the chocolates. Muwahahahahaha~

See ya around next time! 😀

Craving for curry (again),


Hello Switzerland!

Today we’re gonna talk about Switzerland. What’s in Switzerland besides the banks and alps? Switzerland has… Chocolates! OMG the world’s best milk chocolate made of the finest milk and cream with their superb art of chocolate making. I’m soooooo gonna infuse every single one of my cell with chocolates and make sure I hit my 100 years chocolate quota there!

How about… CHEESE!! Oooooo… Over 450 varieties of cheeses there!! I wish they can make one pizza with all the hundreds of cheese varieties! Hehehehe~

Obviously Angeline is gonna start selling organs to acquire her first Tourbillon. Muwahahahaha! Ok maybe no need that extreme, a normal watch will do. I shall crack Mini boss’ piggy bank to get that first Swatch. HAHAHAHA! Then slowly followed by the IWC and MB&F and Chopard and Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-leCoultre. Okok, let’s be serious and just focus on that one watch. I still want the Deep Space by Vianney Halter. =p

Vianny Halter Deep Space

What other awesome stuffs do they have in Switzerland? Raymond Phang Photography!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So not shy. :p

Raymond Phang Photography is heading off to Switzerland this year in June, right after we are done with our pre-wedding photoshoot tour in New Zealand!

Couples who would like to have a piece of this awesome, be a part of this awesome and are interested to have a shoot done in either country, feel free to chit chat with Angeline via WhatsApp at 8138 3397! If you prefer to do it the email way, send it to contactme AT raymondphang DOT com ok!! Can be a simple photoshoot to celebrate friendship, casual engagement photoshoot, pre-wedding photoshoot, proposal photoshoot, family photoshoot, even travel shoots!

Alrighty, gotta go already!

Hear from you soon! <3


Drooling over watches,






BTS Video of Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Photography

We are back again! Wish we can get an octopus as an intern to help around here cos our hands are just too full with work to update! Plus the miniboss has been pretty ill & had to be hospitalised, so social media had to take a backseat.

So while everyone is enjoying their weekend somewhere either shopping or nua-ing at home catching up on Netflix what not, here’s the behind the scene video of the Singapore Kindness Movement campaign photoshoot to share with everyone. Photos of the posters were shared in our previous post.This uber cool and sleek BTS video is done by the yummilicious peeps at XD Studios. Got drone fly here fly there, got slow-mo fats jiggling here and there when we were playing on the Trampoline, got music to our ears with the fantastic duet by Gim and Regina etc! We love it so much and we hope you’ll feel the same too! *slurps* :D~

Besides conceptualised pre-wedding shoot, this was like one of super fun campaign photoshoot that we did!

These were shot for Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign’s new theme where we encourage kindness and graciousness.

Kindness, it’s up to us.

For this photoshoot project, we had a massive team of awesome creatives & talents working together with us to make this happen. Folks at 360, XD Studios, RPP, Ryan, Lester, Geoff, Stills Network, Sophia Chia/Makeup Pros, Tong Oh/Vagabond, Cheng/iImaging, Gim Goh, Regina, Dharshen, Wei Jie, Si Yuan, Darien, Riley, Bryan/John, support from Canon and Profoto too! Oh and not forgetting the adorable Madam Yee and the folks from Choa Chu Kang Town Council.

Oh oh oh and the weather – even though it was hazy but thankfully it cleared up when we were almost done with the set up ready for outdoor basketball shoot!

Angie still super love the hiring a portable toilet idea cos she felt it was inconvenient for crews and members to walk few blocks away hunting for a toilet. One of the rare shoot that RPP has a portable toilet onsite. Hahaha!

If you’ve seen the posters via our Instagram ( or our Facebook ( For the top poster, we have Riley in red holding on to the basketball about to dunk. He was actually jumping and literally flying on the trampoline. Not easy to work with a trampoline and do stunts at the same time, but Riley aced it well because he’s a good friend of the trampoline. He knows what tickles the trampoline, what makes it angry and how to press its button. Muwahahaha~ Dharshen and the rest had really good chemistry too so it was really easy for us to shoot. 😛

The bottom poster we have Regina and Gim Goh – one of our favourite talent. Their multiple expressions, professionalism and cooperation really make things extremely easy breezy for us. Regina and Gim were really singing their lungs out during the photoshoot session and had the whole block of residents (whatever that’s left of it) laughing till their teeth fell out. HAHAHAHA! They were super duper hilarious, and it’s these moments like these that made the photoshoot experience an unforgettable one.

As with all photoshoots, it is very important to work with like minded people to achieve that one common goal, otherwise it’s just gonna be hell and every second will feel like years. So we are very grateful that we have a bunch of beautiful peeps to work with us on this project and most thankful for the opportunity given.


BTS Video of Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Photography from Raymond Phang Photography on Vimeo.

Super sleek and cool video by the yummilicious creatives at XD Studios!

Photoshoot campaign by Raymond Phang Photography, for Singapore Kindness Movement.


Hao ba, till the next time, take care! 😀

Just ate a super spicy Otah,

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Amanda Lee Weddings

Wow wow wow! Besides being so good in Photography, Raymond is damn good at IT & Networking stuffs too! Well, at least that’s what he studied during his Polytechnic days. Every time we have any IT or networking related issues in the office, Raymond is the man! So we have all these tech stuffs in the office – NAS, UPS and what nots, it’s all linked up by Raymond. While I was having problem spending too much time on blogging, he offered a time saving solution! I can now spend more time on blog, work, and the rest prolly either catch up on sleep backlog, or spend more time with Mini Boss!

So today I’m digging the archives and decide to share on this series of photoshoot we did for Amanda Lee Weddings a while back.

The couple featured in the photoshoot is none other than our local talented artistes – Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim!

The photoshoot location is at Tiong Bahru estate, we didn’t have any specific must go places but Raymond and myself did spent time recce-ing the location for one or two nights before the actual shoot. Come to think of it… I didn’t even know I was pregnant while I was running around and carrying all the barangs! O_O”

Tay Kewei

Kewei in beautiful gorgeous wedding gown by Amanda Lee Weddings. The whole get up just makes one look so princessy! This is also a very versatile piece – you can mix and match the top and bottom cos they are two separate pieces unlike the traditional one piece dress.

Alfred Sim

Feels a little like Cinderella, don’t you think? If I remember correctly, Amanda has a name for her creation! So cute right, like she give names to the dress/suit she makes.

Like hey, I’m wearing Benjamin!


This is actually a test shot, but Amanda liked it a lot cos it’s all so candid. Hahaha! The yandao kia you see in this photo at the right hand side is none other than DOUGLAS FROM XD STUDIOS! One of the guys whom we’re gonna steal his first time by packing him around to New Zealand with us this year! 😀

Alfred is like mmmm… 要拍了吗?

Kewei is like final warning 了 hor, 还不 start 是吗?

Actually the two of them are really, really nice! No airs, super friendly and very 亲切.

Sports Hub Singpaore

Hock Leong Hin Teck Kee auntie was damn nice to let us shoot inside their shop. They do wholesale distribution of drinks at a good price! When we were done, we bought quite a lot of drinks from the auntie cos we were all thirsty! Special thanks to Joe for the treat! 😀


Not easy for Kewei to stand on this trolley thingy, cos she was wearing heels, and the base of the trolley ain’t those flat platform. But she just makes this shot look like she was having a breeze and the two having fun.

This is literally “HIGH 5”. Hahahaha!

Amanda Lee Weddings & Raymond Phang Photography

Spin spin spin~

Photoshoot for Tay Kewei

Then it rained on us! We finished this shot, loitered around cos was waiting for rain to stop so that we can walk to the car which was parked further away. And we were super duper hungry!

After the rain, comes the sunshine! Wah, Alfred got 古铜色的肌肤,你是阳光男孩吗?This one is 对未来的瞻望充满希望!

Then he was demonstrating to us his power hurdle jump~ For those who think Alfred only sings, he’s actually the founder of Reactiv!

How else do you think he’s so fit! He heven has a degree in Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science ok!

See, even Kewei hear already also scared!

RAWR!! Those bits of stuffs behind are sand~ flying~ in~ mid~ air~

Time for some evening shots with Kewei changing into an alluring red evening gown.

Are you ready to Tango?

This one was a candid non posed shot! Super love it leh somehow. Like got feel lidat. Like those emo MTV cinematic scene lidat.

Across the National Gallery~ This walk-turn-throw pose took a few tries and Kewei was most accommodating! This was the last shot before we call it a wrap!

That’s us in a group photo! Raymond (botak scream face), Kewei in Red and Alfred with his doe eye smile, Douglas with the bushy thick Jappy eyebrow, Pearlyn with the sweet dimple smile, Amanda with the cheeky expression & Mr nice guy Joe at the back, Axel and Susu and Angeline on the right.

Thank you Amanda for having us onboard your SG50 project! It was really fun working with everyone – Amanda Lee Weddings, Kewei & Alfred, XD Studios and of course Raymond Phang Photography!

Kewei & Alfred were very easy to work with, they even sang duet together which was a treat for our ears! Can never forget their 以爱为豪~ <3

XD Studios as always, they are like our battery! What can we do without them sial~ They high, we high, everyone high! They crazy, we crazy, everyone crazy! Shooting with them has been most fun! <3

Joe was like the nanny to us babies, always making sure we’re well hydrated. He got us 100 plus and water even in the evening too!

Oh, and how can we forget the yummy dinner at Hanare/Teppei. Sadly their original outlet at Tras was full, so we were directed to their other outlet. But it’s ok! It’s the company that counts! 😀

Till the next time!

Chewing on veggies,


F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n